Dafelonian Shilling
ISO Code -
Value 5/- = £1
Official User(s) Kingdom of Dafelonia
Symbol /-
Plural Dafelonian Shillings
Denominations 50p, 5/-, 25/-, 50/-, 100/- 250/-
Central Bank DafelonianCentralBank
Printer DafelonianCentralBank

The Dafelonian Shilling was the official currency of the Federated Republic of Dafelonia and the Kingdom of Dafelonia. The Shilling was pegged to the British Pound at 1:5. The President of the FRD had considered adopting Micros but after looking at macronations with a shared currency (Europe), he decided not too. In response to Micros the Presdent of Dafelonia offered a currency union to anyone who asks.

The symbol used on Dafelonian Shillings was /- this was also used in Britain with pre-decimal currency. The designs of note have pictures of famous objects and people such as Conrad Gessner (the inventor of the pencil). There was to be just one denomintation of coin, 50p.

Although the Federated Republic of Dafelonia changed in early 2013 to the Kingdom of Dafelonia, no plans were ever made to change the notes, even though they say "Federated Republic of Dafelonia".

Note Denominations

Value Obverse Reverse
5/- 5shil -
25/- 25shill -
50/- 50shill -
100/- 100shill -
250/- 250shill -


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