The Monarchy of Dagostinia


Flag of Dagostinia

Coat of Arms
Motto: In Omnia Paratus
National Anthem: TBD
Official language Dagostinian English
Denonym Dagostinian
Government Monarchy
Founded March 22, 2009
Area 5000.014sf
Location Northwest United States
Population 4
Currency Wage
Time Zone Pacific, +10 min

The Monarchy of Dagostinia was founded on March 22, 2009 as a sovereign new nation project within the United States of America. Dagostinia owns real land, has a population, and maintains a national budget. One of the contributing factors leading to its creation was the lack of faith in the current government systems that were in place. Dagostinia seeks eventual complete sovereignty including utilities, commodities, and communications.


In April of 2007, the future Monarch for life discovered micronations in an internet search. Captivated mainly by Sealand and the Republic of Molossia, the future Monarch sought to create his own micronation. An informal founding was declared with current real estate and population. On March 22, 2009, the nation was officially founded with an internet presence, constitution and government structure.

Motivated by the Constitution of the United States, insomuch as the following declares: "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends [that is, the governed], it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness", the Monarch declared that he will peacefully seek to alter it.

The name Dagostinia is based off of ancestral surnamology.


Dagostinia is located on real land located in the United States of America. Since Dagostinia is unrecognized by the United States of America, Dagostinians are free to travel all throughout the USA without need for passports or fear of deportation. Dagostinians are also allowed to vote and have their vehicles registered within the United States of America. Dagostinia is compelled to file income taxes through the IRS every year but generally receives foreign aid from the United States through this venue.

There are currently two Provinces in Dagostinia; Homestead Province and Desert Territory.

Homestead Province is the main province, the seat of government, and the only populated region. Homestead consists of 5000sf of land (0.11 acre) and 1413sf of housing. The largest structure is the Monarch's mansion at 912sf. The National Warehouse is 330sf.

Garden Village is a small 560sf town in Homestead Province that was dedicated on October 7th, 2010. Garden Village is home to 5 livestock, several garden plots, and 3 outbuildings.

Desert Territory is a non-contiguous parcel that is given to the care of Dagostinia. Desert Territory is 2 square inches in size and is located in the south-eastern region of the State of Oregon. Desert Territory has no population and no structures. It is an ecological area.


Dagostinia currently consists of 4 human citizens. Citizenship is given by direct grant from the Monarch, or birthright. Dagostinia is not open for immigration. Dagostinia also counts 2 permanent non-human citizens which does not include livestock. All citizens regardless of species are expected to contribute to the nation.


Dagostinia is a two-seat constitutional monarchy. The Supreme leader is the Monarch and is appointed for life. This appointment can only be changed on the Monarch's death or by the Monarch's own appointment. Upon death, the position of Monarch falls to the oldest male heir. Should this not be possible, male heirs are appointed in order of age. Should no male heirs accept or be available, the oldest female heir is then appointed, age succession being followed on declination.

Balance is given to the supreme authority by the Office of Oversight. This office is appointed by the Monarch and is held for life. Should this post become abandoned, the Monarch may appoint another individual or leave the office open.

The Office of Oversight has requested that real names and locations be withheld for the time being due to security concerns.


Dagostinia runs its governments through many departments. These departments are headed by individuals as appointed by the Monarch and approved by the Office of Oversight. Current Departments include Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Transportation, and Treasury.

Several Departments are large enough that they are broken into Divisions in order to best group and streamline processes. For instance, the Resource Department is divided into Animal, Mineral, Vegetable, and Natural Resource Divisions. Natural resources include water and solar.

Self Sufficiency

Due to increasing world tensions, global ecological concerns, and economic priority, Dagostinia is seeking to become self-sufficient. This includes re-using materials brought in to the furthest extent possible as well as creating its own system of commodities. Current projects include:

  • Agriculture that increases in space, production, and variety annually
  • Livestock in the form of poultry and heliciculture
  • Water dependence in the form of rainwater recycling

Future projects include:

  • Paper recycling
  • Greywater systems
  • Solar heating
  • Solar power



Dagostinia has it's own budget and system of income and expenditures. Dagostinia operates in USD for most transactions. Internally, the Dagostinian Wage (DAW) is used. The wage is equal to one hour's worth of minimum wage pay by the United States government, US$7.25 as of July 2009. The symbol for the wage is ω. The wage is broken into 1/60th parts called mins. The symbol for the min is m. Dagostinia is researching designs and media for future minting.


Dagostinia allows postage to be traded as currency. The 1/4 m stamp has been issued and is available for purchase.


Dagostinia currently has nine businesses recorded with the Commerce Department.


National Symbols

  • Colors: Blue and Gold
  • Animal: Black-capped Chickadee
  • Insect: Green Darner Dragonfly
  • Tree: Italian Prune
  • Flower: Lilac
  • Mineral: River Rock
  • Food: Cheese Bagel
  • Drink: Double white chocolate mocha, extra-hot
  • Sport: Bocce


  • Generally English with some Italian terminology and some local dialectical words and grammar.
  • Custom created 14 character alphabet based off of the idea of minimalization of phonics.

Weights and Measures

  • Developed as a system based off of the Monarch's dimensions. Still in process.


  • One-pot, a dish containing a meat, starch, and vegetable cooked as one dish.
  • Vegetables and other produce, as well as eggs are grown in Dagostinia and are primary in dishes.
  • Most dishes derive from Italian or Mexican bases.

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