Daltonese Langauge

Flag of St. Robertsburg
Spoken in Dalton, Alsoomse, Akebar
Language family Language Isolate (Turkic phonology)
Writing system Daltonese alphabet
  • Latin alphabet (official)
  • Theban (co-official, secondary)

.:This language/dialect/writing-system is, as of yet, uncompleted, and, therefore, all of the information in this article is subject to warningless change:.

The Daltonese langauge is an isloate language spoken in Dalton.



  • Aa/Аа - /a/ as in Father 
  • Ãã/Ӑӑ - /æ/ as in pat
  • Bb/Бб - /b/ as in Brick
  • Cc/Цц - /t͡s/ as in cats
  • Çç/Чч - /tʃ/ as in Chicken
  • Dd/Дд - /d/ as in Dog
  • Ḑḑ/Ӂӂ - /dʒ/ as in Jump
  • Ee/Ээ - /e/ as in Red
  • Ff/Фф - /f/ as in fan
  • Gg/Гг - /g/ as in get
  • Hh/Һһ - /h/ as in hang
  • Ii/Ии - /ɪ/ as in Bi
  • Îî/Ыы - /ɯ/ Roughly as i in cousin - eu 
  • Kk/Кк - /k/ as in Kick
  • Ll/Лл - /l/ as in Lamp
  • Mm/Мм - /m/ as in Mint
  • Nn/ - /n/ as in Nice
  • N̂n̂/Љљ - /ɲ/ ny as in Canyon
  • Oo/Оо - /o/ as in More
  • Ôô/Ӧӧ - /ø/ i as in Bird - eu
  • Pp/ - /p/ as in Pit
  • Rr/Рр - /ɾ/ as in the Albanian emër
  • Ss - /s/ as in Snake
  • Şş - /ʃ/ as in Shack
  • Tt - /t/ as in Tip
  • Uu/Уу - /u/ as in Pull
  • Ûû/Ӱӱ - /y/ as in Tool - ue
  • Vv/ - /v/ as in Van
  • Yy/ - /j/ as in Yellow
  • Zz/ - /z/ as in Zoo
  • Z̧z̧/ - /ʒ/ as in measure
  • Ye/
  • Ya/
  • Yo/
  • Yu/


"Viçak zôyuzata noşvakama zavz̧ez-daşkakali Dorşumóta aynakama, Dorşumóta kutyumunama yúnônalito sez̧itala."
(The First line of the Daltonese national anthem in Daltonese.)

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