Dan I
King of Afondale

Dan Wilcox Portrait.png
1st Monarch of Afondale
Reign 15 December 2007-present
Coronation Uncrowned
Predecessor Throne established
Heir apparent None
Full name
Dan Rhys Wilcox
House None
Father Robert Wilcox
Mother Lucy Wilcox
Born Bristol, Unionflag United Kingdom
Religion Agnostic

Dan Wilcox is the creator and current King of Afondale.

Micronational Career

Styles of
Dan I of Afondale
Dan I Coat of arms
Reference style His Grace
Spoken style Your Grace
Alternative style Sire/Sir

Dan Wilcox begun his micronational career in late 2007 after he saw How to Start Your Own Country. He recruited his friends as citizens, some of whom went on to become politicans. This is mostly still in place today. Back then, Dan and his friends were only about 9 years old but Dan thought that they were mature enough to lead a micronation. As a result, Afondale was stimulationist at first, becoming more realistic in its later years. The creation of Afondale resulted in a copycat movement at his school. Dan expressed discontent but later became involved one of the countries, the Furzey Island Republic. Afondale entered inactivity in late 2010 due to lack of interest. However there was some activity, such as the incorporation of Ahrz into Afondale. In October 2013, Dan and Prime Minister Zack Jeff revived Afondale with new citizens and a greater web presence.

Heir to the throne

There is currently no heir to the throne due to his cousin Kieran ruling himself out of the succession. If Dan abdicates now, Afondale will have to be dissolved unless there is a change in legislation.

Political Views

Dan I Compass

His political compass

Dan's political views are considered by himself to be left-wing, although he thinks a Capitalist economy is essential for a developed country, where it be macro or micro, but there should be restrictions on monopolies so that small businesses aren't driven out by large multinationals. In Micropolitics, Dan believes that micronationalists should be professional and shouldn't declare cyberwars each other. He also thinks that they shouldn't change their government or micronation very often.

Scotan Political Career

Dan is also active in Scotan politics. In January 2014 he unofficially joined the Scotan Liberal Democrats, and took over leadership on 1 March 2014 after the previous leader, Shane Cahill, resigned in February. He stood in the 2014 presidential election as the Liberal Democratic candidate, and came third after Jack Booth of Scotan Labour and William McGuire of the SNIP. He currently represents the West Brownsea constituency in the Studland Islands colony.


In Harenfall, Dan holds the title of Grand Duke of Countship of Vollan. The title was given to him by Jeffrey I Of Harenfall on 11 April 2014 whilst negotiating a diplomacy arrangement.

Micronational Offices Holding/Held

  • Afondale Flag King of Afondale 15 December 2007-present
  • Noflag Vice President of Furzey Island 22 August 2008-31 October 2008
  • Flag of Scotannaea Leader of Scotan Liberal Democrats 1 March 2014-present
  • Flag of Scotannaea / 25px Local Representative for West Brownsea 3 April 2014-present
  • Merrileaflag Grand Duke of Vollan 11 April 2014-present


Afondale Flag

Kingdom of Afondale

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