Danny Davis
Name Danny Davis
Micronation Ruled Republic of Danvania
Reign start January 7th, 2009
Reign end January 6th, 2059
Predecessor First President
Successor Unknown

Danny Davis is the President of Danvania. He is also the Supreme Commander of the Military as well as a recipient of the Danvanian Medal of Promeganess for his service in the Mackesdonian Wars. He also is the founder of this great nation. He is 15 years old.

Role in Founding

Davis in 2008 seceded his room from the US. He was inspired by a comic strip to do so. He wrote the Constitution of Danvania and himself ratified it. Then he was elected President overwhelmingly by a whopping 100% of the vote.

Service in Mackesdonian Wars

Shortly after the founding, a copycat micronation Mackesdonia emerged. They went to war shortly and Davis battled the Mackesdonians vigorously. He brought the Mackesdonian Nation to their knees single-handedly. For this, he was given the Danvanian Medal of Promeganess.

As President

Davis is responsible for passing all the laws in Danvania as well as keeping it alive for the past year,