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His Majesty
King Danny Wallace I
Official Portrait
1st King of Lovely
Assumed office:
January 1, 2005
Preceded by: Position Established
Personal Information
Born: 16 November 1976 (age 40 years)
Macronationality: British (United Kingdom)
Micronationality Lovelian
Residence: Kingdom of Lovely

Daniel Frederick Wallace, known in the micronationalist community as King Danny I of Lovely (16 November 1976 –) is a British comedian and writer, and inactive "micronationalist".

He acquired notability in micronational world with its documentary comedy How to Start Your Own Country, produced in 2005. Although the show clearly showed the comic and humorous parts of micronationalism, it also explained the basics of model nations, and is still used as a guide for all people who wish to get into micronationalism.


Wallace was born in Dundee, Scotland, but raised in Loughborough, England. He began writing at 13, writing reviews for videogames magazines. At 17 he appears to have attempted to begin his radio career by writing a letter to 1449AM URB.

At 18 he then began writing about entertainment and comedy, mainly through the magazine Comedy Review. He specialized in radio production at university, but has also penned various scripts and pilots for the BBC. As a journalist, Wallace has worked for; The Guardian, The Independent, and various other British newspapers and magazines

He was part of the original team behind the British Comedy Award-winning Dead Ringers, writes for the Sony Radio Academy Award-winning Sunday Format, and produced the critically acclaimed cult radio hit The Mighty Boosh, for BBC Radio 4.

How to Start Your Own Country

In 2005, Wallace founded in his flat of London, the "Kingdom of Lovely". A TV series documenting the conception of the country was filmed for the TV series How to Start Your Own Country, which aired on BBC Two in the summer of 2005. New episodes of Citizen TV, a half hour phone-in show that was available after the main show via BBCi.

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