The official currency of The Land Of Toz Boz (Tozland) and Danburnia is the Dan and the Toz. A Dan is represented by 'D' . One 'D' is made up of 100 tozzies ('т'). The exchange rate works out at 5 pounds sterling to 1 Dan. D1 = 100t ----- D1 = £5 ----- 1t = 20p


1 Dan ~ Joe Chapman (Major of Karma) Danburnia


5 Dans ~ Daniel Saxby (Vice President of Tozland)


10 Dans ~ Thomas Murtagh-Nelson (Vice President of Danburnia)


20 Dans ~ Lord Harry Meek (Leader of Tozland)


50 Dan ~ Daniel Blackburn (President of Danburnia)


1,000,000 Dans ~ Joe Chapman, Daniel Saxby, Tom Murtagh-Nelson, Harry Meek, Daniel Blackburn

The notes and coins were designed by Lord Harry Meek and President Blackburn. In the December of 2008 the currency was official printed. Click on the notes for a larger image.



  • 1т = 0.01D
  • 5т = 0.05D
  • 10т = 0.10D
  • 25т = 0.25D
  • 50т = 0.50D


  • D 1
  • D 5
  • D 10
  • D 25
  • D 50
  • D 1,000,000 (Only two printed in the world , in the possetion of President Blackburn and Lord Harry Meek)

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