Длфoд (Afondalic)
—  Capital City of Afondale  —
Dashford FlagDashford Coa
Flag and coat of arms
Motto: Et spes victorae
Created January 1 2008
Founder Dan Wilcox
 - Mayor Position Vacant
Time zone GMT (UTC±0), BST (UTC+1, DST)
Code DAS

Dashford (known as Capital Territory between 2011 and 2013) is the capital city of Afondale. It consists of Dan Wilcox's bedroom, and is where the majority of Afondale is ran from.


Old Dashford Flag

Flag used between 2008-2011 and 2013-2014

Dashford was officially created on New Year's Day 2008, and was designed to be where all activity in Afondale would be run from. This proved to be difficult, so some things (such as the Afondale Printers) were situated outside. During 2011, Afondale went inactive and Dashford was renamed Capital Territory and expanded so that it covered the entire country. When activity resumed in late 2013 it reverted back to Pre-2011 Dashford. In 2014, a new flag and a new coat of arms were adopted.

Afondale Flag

Kingdom of Afondale

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