Dastran Republic

He who shouts the loudest is heard the most
Dastannian Song
Capital city Das
Largest city Das
Official language(s) Albek, English
Official religion(s) None
Short name Dastran
Demonym Dastrannian
Government Representative Democracitic Republic
- President Alan Walters
- Chancellor Stevie Addison
Legislature Adho
- Type - Representative Parliament
- Number of seats - 3
- Last election - None as of yet.
Established 2013
Population 5
Currency Iuli
Time zone GMT

The Dastran Republik (ᴆⱥɶⱦԄᴁҧ in Albek, Republic of Dastran when transliterated into the Latin alphabet) or Dastran is a puppet nation in West Yorkshire, programmed by the Azkent Pact and, in addition the micronations of Archcapcove and Trechcapcove to simulate various forms of government. Dastran is also seen as a business venture by the concerned nations, with the exception of East Alvaria.

On the 13th Novemeber 2013, Dastran's rulers, strongly aligned to the leaders of the Azkent Pact, applied for Azkent Pact membership. This application was however declined, as Supreme Commander of the Azkent Pact, Oleksandr Mendeleev, did not see Dastran as a real micronation.


In Albek, a language completely constructed by Aleksandr Babayev and Igor Mohakmedov, ''''Das means people, and ''''Ran means great (T is a letter commonly used to link two words together). Dastran's leaders combined the two words into dastran, meaning 'great people'. Dastran also means 'mother', though only in certain contexts.


Dastran was founded on the 10th November, 2013, by Steve Addison, a friend of Vladimir Handovic. He had not participated in micronationalism prior to the foundations of Dastran, but his friends, who were keen micronationalists, informed him on the subject. He set up Dastran on 10/11/13, and asked leaders of the Azkent Pact to aid him in running the nation. This is why Dastran is classed as a puppet state; foreign leaders have a large degree of control over the administration of the nation.

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