English: De Soto Confederation
Kokkateelian English: De Soto Konfederation
Rakwiktrab: Ø'kases Pesabja'wü'wïìretsab
Deutsch: De Soto Konföderation

English/Kokkateelian English: Light, Wisdom, Law
Rakwiktrab: Gatĩd, Natkwüsak, Gàrn
Deutsch: Licht, Wijsheid, Wet
To Be Determined
Central Florida
Largest city Erklrab City,Huro-Atlantica
Official language(s) English
Cockatielian English
Official religion(s) All
Demonym De Soto-ite
Legislature To Be Determined
Established May 27 2014
Ogskesk 72 960 (Asermian Calendar)
Currency Soto ∂

The De Soto Confederation (can be abbrieviated as DSC) is an organization of allied micronations located in Central Florida. The organization was founded on May 27, 2014 by President Anthony Smith of the Cockatiel Empire and President Bin Stü'òrd of Huro-Atlantica. The Confederation was the brainchild of President Stü'òrd, but President Smith has contributed to the Concept. The Principality of Chitose and it's Prince, Austin Reinhart, have made the largest contributions to date, having designed a full system of currency in the Confederation. The idea of the Confederation is to bring many nations together in a union similar to that of New Canada.


  • Nation must agree to recognize all members of the Confederation
  • Nation must have its capital located in Central Florida OR have a large percentage of the nation reside in Central Florida (See Map Below).

Preferred locations in Orange, Allowed locations in Tan.


Flag Nation Leader of Nation Capital Date joined
ProposalFlag22 Huro-Atlantica Bin Stü'òrd Dezabet 27 May 2014
Cockatiel Empire Flag (2014) Cockatiel Empire Anthony Smith Cockatielville 27 May 2014
Chitoseanflag150px Principality of Chitose Austin Reinhart Dunhill 31 May 2014

Pending Members

Flag Nation Leader of Nation Capital Pending Since
AmaranthineFlag-2014 v2(250px) Republic of Amaranthine (formerly the Regency of Acrea) Tanner Harding Amaranthine City 3 August 2014
The official flag of Mangdublah Grand Duchy of Mangdublah Sean O'Ruiarc Knock John 3 August 2014