Democratic Duchy of Francisville

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Democratic Duchy of Francisville
Larger flagFrancisville crest

De Wilhelmus (Instrumental)
Capital city Francisville
Official language(s) English, French, Francillian
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Francillian
Government Constitutional monarchy
- Grand Duke Jamie I
- First Minister Office vacant
Legislature Chamber of Deputies
Established 28 November 2008
Area claimed 0.97km²
Population 14
Currency Ville Franc
Time zone GMT/BST
Member state of the GUM

National Website

Francisville, officially The Democratic Duchy of Francisville is an international micronation founded in November 2008. Francisville is a parliamentary representative democracy under a Grand Ducal Constitutional monarchy. The incumbent Head of State is Grand Duke Jamie Sutherland. The nation is a member of Grand Unified Micronational and l'Alliance Francophone. The nation is trilingual, with English being the constitutionally official language, and French and Francillian holding de facto official language status.


The Democratic Duchy of Francisville was founded by Jamie Sutherland on November 28 2008. The Duchy was formed as a form of powerful elective monarchy with unclear aims on its future and purpose. Francisville gained membership of Grand Unified Micronational on January 8, 2009. On January 16, the Duchy altered its political system to a constitutional monarchy in the form of a Grand Duchy. These changes also involved major changes to the parliamentary system, such as the transition to unicameralism. The current constitution of the Duchy was adopted in May 2009. The Duchy formed the municipalities of Culloden and Dalcross upon the adoption of this constitution, which finally allowed the Duchy to fully establish territorial areas.

Francisville flag

First Flag of Francisville

Despite condemnation of both conflicts, the Duchy attempted to assist the resolution of the Siple, and Meissner Antifan wars. Grand Duke Sutherland served as Supreme Judge of Grand Unified Micronational during the Scientopian and New European suspension and trials and held a seat on the Security council at this time.

By the original constitution, low citizenship meant full political power was passed into the hands of the head of State, making the Grand Duke an absolute monarch. During this time, legislation was brought into place regarding social and environmental issues. The first parliament of the Duchy was formed on June 3, 2009. Following this, all previous legislation set by the Head of State was overturned, and the first government elected according to the new constitution. Jamie Sutherland has since served as Chair of grand Unified Micronational during this time. The Duchy celebrated her first anniversary on November 28, 2009.



River in Francisville

Geography consists of municipalities and provinces. A municipality is any area declared as a land base of the Duchy, either by the Head of State, of by the First Minister. A province has similar regulations, but is official claimed by the nation. Land areas of a province must be owned by the resident population of citizens. The Duchy currently has one municipality in Northern Scotland. Most of this land consists of open farm land and woodland. The local climate consists of warm summers, and cold, wet winters. One river flows near the southern border.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Politics in Francisville takes place in a framework of parliamentary representative democracy under a constitutional democracy whereby the Grand Duke or Grand Duchess is the Head of State, and a First Minister is the Head of Government. The Head of State rules until death or abdication, after which a successor is selected by popular election. Legislative power is vested in the unicameral Chamber of Deputies, elected annually. In turn, the Chamber elects a First Minister. The First Minister is head of an administrative cabinet, constiting of one third of the members of the parliament. The Judiciary consists of the High Court and the Civil Courts. Judges of the high court are appointed by the Head of State, with the countersignature of the Head of Government. Civil Court members are appointed by the High Court. It is likely that a general election with take place towards the end of 2009. The Grand DUke has proposed many political reforms to modernise national politics and bring the constitution in line with actual practice. These mainly involve changes to the judiciary, local government and the nation cabinet of ministers.


Francisville has no official armed forces. All military and police power is controlled by the Ducal Defence Force. Officially, this is under the total control of the head of state, but power is de facto exercised by the government.

Foreign AffairsEdit

The Duchy is a member of Grand Unified Micronational and a founding member of L'Alliance Francophone. The country has strong relations with nations such as Erusia, Flandrensis, St.Charlie, Sandus, New Europe and Landashir.


Francisville has currently focused on political and cultural development, leaving economical development on the fringes. Business activity in the country takes place in public secotr non profit organisations, with limited donations being taken when needed. Francisville is currently working on a list of economic plans for 2010. Francisville currently takes part in international aid relief through Kiva.


A census is still to be taken. There are currently 15 citizens from the United Kingdom, the United States, France, New Zealand, and other countries.


The Grand Duke has proposed an education system similar to that of France. Current basic education is in development by the College of Francisville.

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