Autonomous Region of the Democratic People's Republic of Märtsz
Martszan flagDPRM COA

"Why worry?"
Southeast Michigan, USA
Capital city Mars City
Largest city Catacombs
Official language(s) English, Russian, German
Short name Märtsz
Demonym Märtszan
Government Partially Communist Democracy
- President Michael Williams
Established August 6, 2013
Population 1
Currency Cat Republican Dollar, Märtszan Change
Time zone GMT- 5
National animal Viper
Märtsz is an Autonomous Region of the Cat Republic

The Democratic People's Republic of Märtsz( DPRM) was founded on August 6th, 2013 by Michael Williams as a Commonwealth of the Cat Republic , with aid of Cat Republicans Jonathan Kelly, Carlton Smith, and Rigel Ribble-Lucken (who would later leave the nation for personal reasons). On March 8th, 2014, Märtsz and Dracoiestrella were renamed as Autonomous Regions (meaning they are still part of the Cat Republic but are self-governing. Like Hong Kong and Macau are to China).


Originally was going to be named the "Republic of Mars", being named after the Roman God of War. It was later decided by it's to-be founder that "Mars" was too boring, and it needed to be "spiced up" a little. The pronunciation of the 'a' was made more obvious, and the spelling was changed to "Märts". Upon looking at the new spelling, it looked "oh so very wrong, not right at all", so it was changed again, by adding a 'z' both to make it look cooler, and to make clearer the pronounciation of the name.


The Constitution of the DPRM is still being written, and President Michael Williams is really taking his time with it. "I don't currently have any citizens of my own, so truely, I run myself, there's no rush." 

Since its founding, the DPRM has lead a very calm, peaceful, polite, and enthusiastic life. The Märtzan President has always been incredibly enthusiastic and polite and all that he does. When joining Co-President Jonathan Kelly of the Cat Republic on a road trip, Märtzan President Michael Williams was kind enough to buy several food and drink items for the Cat Republican official, without even asking, and insisting that he didn't need to be payed back

On 3/5/14 the DPRM claims old, unused fallout shelter tunnels under a nearby high school. Though claimed as Märtzan territory, the Märtzan President has announced that "The Catacombs" (as the claim has been named) has been claimed to protect Märtzan, Dracoiestrellan, Cat Republican, and Zode(as a gesture of kindness and goodwill to the Zodiac Republic) citizens in case of emergency. On this date, the DPRM also set out to take stock of boats for the C.R. Navy and guns/ammunition for the C.R. Army.

Law & Order

There is a 0% crime rate in the DPRM. There is no public police force. If anything truely bad were to happen, Cat Republican officials would intervene as deemed neccessary. 

Foreign Relations

The DPRM handles foreign relations independantly of the Cat Republic, and has not currently had any interaction with any other micronation.


Currently, as a Autonomous Region, the DPRM is also a protectorate of the Cat Republic, and all its military activities and the protection of its lands are overseen by the larger republic. The government of the DPRM contributes firearms and ammunition to the Cat Republican Armed Forces, and is currently trying to obtain ships for the Cat Republican Navy.


A stunning majority of Märtszan citizens have extensive knowledge of and firsthand experience with farming (mostly grain farming(which is why grain is shown on the coat of arms) and raising livestock). If the Cat Republic ever gains independence, the Autonomous Region of the Democratic Republic of Märtsz may become a major agricultural source for the Cat Republic and it's three Autonomous Regions.


Despite coming off as extremely communist or even facist, the DPRM has a very laid-back society. A common mode of transport is by bike, and citizens often take great pride and take great care of their bikes. Food is a mix of Cat Republican and American foods. Like in the Cat Republic, Marching Band and Drum Coprs are favored sports to watch and participate in. Citizens of this Autonomous Region are also listed as dual citizens in the Cat Republic and have the option to vote in Cat Republican elections if they want to.


Like the Cat Republic, Märtsz also has an official Hetalia fan-character to represent the nation.

Cat Republic and Martsz

The Cat Republic on left, Märtsz on the right

In the picture on the left, he is shown with:
  • A spruce branch (Spruce is the national tree)
  • A bicycle (common mode of transport in the nation)
  • A pile of snacks and pop (often bought by citizens for friends for no particular reason other than to be nice)
  • A rake (representing hard physical work)

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