The Democratic People's Republic of Meltonia

Flag of the DPRM


"Meltonia, better than baloney-uh"


Meltonia, Glorious and Wide!


Meltonia City, Meltonia

Official language No official language




Democratic People's Republic led by His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshall Doctor, Conqueror of Enemies, All Powerful Warrior, The General King of Meltonia

Area claimed 150,000 km2. (mostly in "classified territory", whose existence is questionable)


between -390 and 4,300 (large margin of error in census)

Established 2012


DPRM moneys


Internet broadcasting links


State Television


The Democratic People's Republic of Meltonia (DPRM), is an entity, classified by some as a micronation, that first declared its existence in 2012. It claims to be "both real and a country".

The nation currently claims a small amount of land in southern California as well as the much larger "classified territory" whose location is in the unknown. The People's Administrator of Media and Information has stated "Our glorious territory is in no way comprised of one house or backyard".

The country claims its low budget state television network is "Glorious and high quality".


The country claims "to have existed for centuries" but to have "only recognized this fact in 2012". The national flag was created with symbolism in mind. The green represents the people. The star represents the government. And the blue represents "a blue thing". The state has an official orchestra named "The People's Orchestra of Meltonia". The People's Ministry of Media and Information has stated the orchestra consists of "More than one member". They later said it has "Probably beween 3 and 11 members". It is currently only recognized by itself. It's Capital is Meltonia City. It celebrates Meltonian Flag Day on May 19.

Meltonia Map

Map of Government Provence, Meltonia

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