Democratic Republic Leugdeveuce
Flag Leugdeveuce
Flag of Leugdeveuce (Symbols)
Capital City Leugdeveuce-veuce
Largest City Leugdeveuce-veuce
Official Language Dutch and English
Demonym Leugdeveucian
Government Democratic Republic
President Ekaj Ynlavan
Established December 13, 2017
Economy Capitalist
Currency Leugdeveucian Dollar ($)
Time zone UTC +0
Web | Code | Tel. .com & .nl | LDV | +31
Drives on the Left

Leugdeveuce, officially the Democratic Republic Leugdeveuce is a micronation that was founded on December 13, 2017. Since then it has already grown reasonably and is already known by many other micronations. It is also one of the few micronations from Netherlands. They are also very active on internet and social media.


Leugdeveuce has many characteristics of a country. For example, they have their own flag, government institutions, their own currency and they even live in a separate time zone. Leugdeveuce has claimed Recreatiepark Noorddijk in the province Groningen, the Netherlands. But this is all for hobby. Leugdeveuce will never try to take this area from the Netherlands. They will therefore never get the real power over it.


Leugdeveuce has two official languages, Dutch and English. This is simply because there were many Dutch and English people living. Leugdeveuce has considered making German an official language, but that was canceled because it was not necessary.


The conditions that a person must meet to become citizen depends on his / her nationality. If the person comes from Netherlands or the United Kingdom, he / she does not have to meet any conditions. They can become equal citizen. The government of Leugdeveuce is trying to arrange this for people from Flanders, Belgium too. If the person comes from the rest of the Schengen area, he / she must be able to speak Dutch and / or English. For the other countries, they must pass a citizenship test. Residents of Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman and Venezuela can not become a citizen of Leugdeveuce at this moment.

National boundaries

Because Leugdeveuce is an incredibly small country, the borders are open. People can walk freely across the border. This makes it easier because there is also a Dutch enclave in Leugdeveuce for example. In extreme cases, Leugdeveuce can choose to keep border controls. But this will only happen in case of real threat.


The micronation is controlled by a president. The only president who has had the country and is still the president is Ekaj Ynlavan. The president almost has the absolute power. He can basically do what he wants and he is also president until he wants to. The president may choose the next president himself. The people can choose judges. This happens twice a year. The judges can set up a referendum at the moment they disagree with a plan from the president. The result of this can then determine whether the plan goes ahead or not. Of course, the president himself may also set up referenda to see what the opinion of the people is. And if it really can not be otherwise, the judges may also set up a referendum to dismiss the president. Subsequently, a new president is democratically elected.

Traffic and Transport

Leugdeveuce can not be reached with public transport because it is too far from the 'inhabited world' and Leugdeveuce does not allow public transportation in Leugdeveuce. Leugdeveuce does allow it to enter with a Dutch taxi. Something that is very special in Leugdeveuce is that they are on the left side of the road. You would say that this will cause problems on the border, but that seems not to be the case. It is always very quiet on the road and accidents have not happened in recent years.

Leugdeveucian Dollar

Leugdeveuce has also proclaimed its own currency, the Leugdeveucian Dollar. Although they accept the Euro in most places, they prefer to use their own currency. As a sign they use the $, LD$ or LDD.