Democratic Republic Of Bir Tawil
Democratic Republic of Bir Tawil FC
Nickname(s) DRBT
Association Bir Tawil Football Federation
Confederation NFT Association
Head coach ???
Captain ???
Most Cap ???
Top scorer ???
Home stadium Jabal Stadium
Highest MFA ranking 3
Lowest MFA ranking 21
Kit left arm.png
Kit body.png
Kit right arm.png
Kit shorts.png
Kit socks long.png
Home colors
Kit left arm.png
Kit body.png
Kit right arm.png
Kit shorts.png
Kit socks long.png
Away colours
World Cup
Appearances 2014, 2016
Best result 3rd Place

History Edit

DR Bir Tawil FA was founded with a immediate NFT License and competed in the NFT World Cup 2014. Another NFT event they are currently participating in is the NFT World Premier League which is being set up by the Bir Tawil ministry of sport. DRBT shocked the world coming in third in the 2014 World Cup and again when they finished first in the Premier League. 

NFT World Cup 2014 Edit

Bir Tawil competed in the 2014 NFT World Cup Fireen and was put in Group A with Austrar Islands, Republic Of Arran & Vanconder. The team came in third place, high above their expectations.

NFT RankEdit

Bir Tawil is ranked fourth out of the 21 Football NFT Association teams. 


Joseph Viselli (f)

Race Williams (f)

Michael Brocker (m)

Graham Crawford (m)

Jenevieve Viselli (d)

Brandon Kesner (d)

Jeremy Nutter (gk)


  • [ NFT World Cup 2016 Qualifiers ] DR Bir Tawil 1-0 Republic Of Colina

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