Democratic Republic Of Liamsvania

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Liamsvania seal

This is the Liamsvanian Flag


Liamsvania(Officialy the Democratic Peoples Republic of Liamsvania), Is a micronation in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The national anthem is "Liamsvania,our Motherland".


Liamsvania comes from Liam as in the presidents name and 'vania' as in Pennslyvania,the US state.


Liamsvania isn't very historical, but here are some historical events:

  • August 27th 2012 Liamsvania was founded
  • August 29th 2012 First Liamsvanian Krona (140 kents=1 US Doll
  • May 6th 2015 End of Liamsvania
  • May 7th 2015 Kingdom of Athulia declares independence on former Liamsvanian land
  • May 31st 2015 Kingdom of Athulia collapses,reunification with Canada
  • January 16th 2016 Second Rising occurs,the Federal Republic of Liamsvania is founded with Liam O'Leary as president

Geography & Climate

Liamsvanias climate ranges a few degrees below 0 in winter and around 15 degrees in summer.Liamsvania has seen some thunderstorms,only one produced hail which was the size of a pea. Liamsvania has never seen a tornado,although some cold-core funnels have been seen in Newfoundland and Labrador.The highest snowfall was 52 cm and it fell on January 11th,2013. The coldest temprature was -14°C and it was recorded on December 16th,2013. The hottest temprature was 31°C and it was recorded on July 14th 2013.


Liamsvanias food mainly comes from hunting and fishing (moose and fish).Army weapons are used for hunting.Other food is bought in Canada and brought to Liamsvania.Clothing also gets to Liamsvania this way.Rainbow Loom Bracelets are the only type of clothing made in Liamsvania.


Liamsvanias religion is 50%Cathloic and 50%Penticostal.In Liamsvanian School,which has 5 students,teaches art,math,science,technology,gaming,geography,English and phys ed.


Liamsvania has a website which is a W.I.P and a TV channel displayed on a laptop.Diffrent progams are put on the laptop tv channel via Youtube.When the website is finished,there will be an online radio station.It is unknown how long it will tak

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