Democratic Republic of Zade / Demoskratos Respublik De Zade

Established :5-3-2017

Motto : Liberty and Trust

Ideology : Zadism

Anthem :Jayalah Negaraku

Capital : Zoronto

City : Roomustan,Soulsburg,Santiago de Zade

Official language :Indonesian

Spoken Language :English and Indonesia

Religion(s) : Islam,Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism

Denonym : Zaden

Goverment : United Constitutional Presidental Republic

Political Party : Zade Freedom Party

President : Rashaka Omar Briansyah Biran

Vice President : Arsha Dian Pakpahan

Head of the People's Council : Nattar Ramadhan Wibowo

Area consists of 2%Water & 98%Land

Population :47

Currency : Zadebucks ( ZB ) 1 ZB is IDR 10,000

GDP : 15.000-20.000ZB

HDI : 90%

Time Zone : UTC +7

Affiliation : - MPA (Micronation Power Alliance)

- UM ( United Micronations )

Calling code : +211 Internet TLD : .zd

Website : Zadegov.zd

Territory :

Province(s) : - Zoronto ( Capital ) Romustan,Monostan,Zadesburg,Zadeston,Volston,catland,Cofeestan Friends :

- Republic of Aliski

- BAR Empire

- Lekowis Empire

- Birtowel Republic

- North Pole Republic

- Democratic Republic of Straightness

- Fafajing Empire

-Communist Federative Republic of New Yugoslavia


The Democratic Republic Of Zade ( DRZ ) was established on 5th of march, 2017, along with the Republic of Aliski.

Before the establishment Preceeded by the Kingdom Of Zaden, Kingdom of Zaden is unrecognized by any micronations around the world. Led by King Omar the I, it was a successful country, and there is almost no problem at all. But then soon the kingdom falls down and breaks into pieces, like the Omar Republic, Zemar Republic, Omarian - BAR Republic, Zade FSR, Zemde Republic, Zadistan, and Zeomarese.

Zadien Union

After the breakings, the BAR Empire needs to reunite the mini nations as one micronation, so then it was called the Zadien Union, Omar's brother Zemar is joining the Zadien Union because they are brothers

DRZ Formation

The Zadien Union is a non permanent goverment, until then President Omar meets President Ariel Aliski who was just about to declare their independence. The both respective leaders of the state meet and designed their flags and coat of arms of the country. The meetings also discuss about a diplomatical relation between the Zaden and the Aliski. The Treaty of Zade - Aliski is signed. Also Zemar became the governor of DRZ's Capital, Zoronto. The Treaty of Zade - Aliski points is Act 1. Republic of Aliski shall recognize the DRZ Act 2. DRZ shall recognize Republic of Aliski Act 3. Republic of Aliski and DRZ form an alliance called AOA ( Ariel - Omar Alliance )

After the independence

DRZ is fastly growing because of the consistency and the help of his father, The BAR Empire. DRZ became even stronger and have their own first millitary, called the People's Army

First Zaden War

One of the DRZ's Province is completely surrounded by the Viaii Republic ( 6A2 Republic ), and the leader of Viaii is a totalitan dictator. President omar wants to free the people of Viaii so the war is exploded. The belligerents of the war "Zadien's Side" : DRZ, BAR Empire, Republic of Aliski VS the "Viaii" The result of the War is a victor to Zadens and the allies. DRZ annexed 2/3 Viaii's land. No treaty or even armstice is signed, and President Omar made an ultimatum to Viaii if they dont surrender, they will keep attacking until Viaii is gone. But the Viaii's Goverment forced all the people of the country to participate in the war, so Viaii was able to push The Zaden Alliance. The Treaty of Roomustan is signed.

Act 1. DRZ shall only annex a part of Viaii but the rest remains for Viaii.

Lekowistan War Helping Republic of Aliski, the DRZ participated the Lekowistan war and DRZ with Republic of Aliski is going to influence the Lekowis Empire for amount of time.

Second Zadien War

Seeking for a payback, and to free the people of Viaii, President Omar launched the Operation Gurka, the mission is to attack Viaii from all sides, the mission was helped by the previous alliance, and the result of the battle is a victor to DRZ and the goverment of Viaii is dismantled, and completely annexed by DRZ

Post war era

There was a rebel looking for independence from DRZ but the rebel was stopped by the goverments, until now the Viaii is still existing as a unrecognized nation, but the UM considers the Viaii as a part of the DRZ, and the DRZ held full control of the region

6a1 Campaign

After the past war DRZ is looking to another target the Kingdom of 6a1. DRZ then quickly declared war on 6a1 and won. However due to the defeat of 6a1, micronation are starting to appear, more then expected by DRZ so the campaign in 6a1 gets more longer.

Enter The 6a1 Wars

The first nations to appear are the USSR, Republic of Asianesia, North Pole Republic,Republic of Straigthness.NPR supported DRZ's Campaign on 6a1 while RA,RS,and USSR which are remnants of 6a1 think that DRZ cant have land in there native land. In the start RS and Asianesia suported NEMF (oldMPA). While USSR created The Atlantic Pasific Hindian Trade Organization (APHTO) and was joined by The Kingdom of Huhastan.

Huhastan-Zaden War

Huhastan then helped by USSR attack DRZ's 6a1 capital Santiago de Zade. DRZ then counter attack APHTO with the help of the NEMF alliance then NEMF woned the war in a quick sweep.

Peace in 6a1

After many tense wars with all won by DRZ (except DRZ-Eden war). DRZ at last make a treaty that was accepted by RS and RA by spliting 6a1 into 4 part. While USSR got annexted in the process


DRZ's army is consist of 12 soldiers. Under a general (currently Nattar Wibowo).

Political Relations

-Republic of Aliski| Strong allies -Birtowel republic | strong allies -Republic of straightness| Recognize -Fafajing Empire| Allies North Pole| Allies USSR| Annexted

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