The Democratic Socialist Dominion of Xivilna [ZE-VIL-NA] Xivilatine: Зивилна, is the Largest of several fictional nationstates clustered in a middle class Suburbs of Dayton, Huber Hights, And Riverside, Ohio. it is a Democratic Socialist Federation of Several small micronations who identify under the micro national Culture of the Xivilatine.

Xivilna, Sometimes misspelled Xivilana, is an original name given to the quasi-fictional Cultural that founded the Kingdom of Xivilna in 1990. According to a note between the founding members, the name was entirely original. while searching the internet, no other reference to the word "Xivilna" or "Xivilatine" could be found, supporting this theory.


!!!We are still compiling a detailed Historical record of Our nation, please bare with us!!!

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