Demokratische Republik of East Cärrum

Ostwärts marschieren wir
Capital city New Seitweg
Largest city New Seitweg
Official language(s) Cärrumish
Official religion(s) Atheism
Demonym East Cärrumian
Government Socialist Republican
- Premier Sebastian Schriber
Legislature Council Communism
Population 3
Currency Cärrummark

The Demokratische Republik of East Cärrum is a speratist Sovereign state of the Kingdom of Cärrum. After a Revolution, the nation split in two with the Kingdom of Cärrum on one side and the DREC on the other. Yet still, both nations have the same head of state, and it has been speculated if the nation is the Kingdom's Independent puppet state. Cärrum sees itself as the continuation of East Germany, and claims to be the re-incarnation of the Eastern German Government.


The Demokratische Republik of East Cärrum was formed after a Revolution took place. Many have said that the Revolution was a cover up so the Monarchist Cärrumian Government could operate from the Saxon Empire. Although the Kingdom has denied the charges the government did anounce that: 'East Cärrum is the independent version of the Kingdom, the Revolution took place for independence, and many citizens of both nations benefit from Semi and full Independence.'


Because of the growing tension within the Borders, every citizen is conscripted at the age of 13.


The Image the Staatsi attempt to achieve

Called the Staatsi (Staat - State Sichereit - Security International) Established on the 6/10/2012 to safeguard the nation, the Staatsi also holds reserve and front line sections, devoting one member to reserves, and the two others into the front line section. The Military is heavily based of the Nationale Volksarmee of East Germany, the Staatsi uses NVA equipment such as the M195 Stahlhelm.


East Cärrum's government is Communist-Councilsm. This system uses Councils to advance through the stages of politics to decide laws, new schemes etc. Dispute has arisen over Sebastian Schriber leading both nations, as it seems suspicious to some, but he has denied all acusations. It's a one party system, to avoid the slow procession of the likes of other systems. The government currently runs the Workers Socialist Party, led by Sebastian Schriber.

Diplomatic Relations

Here's a list of nations that Cärrum holds Diplomatic Relations with.


Saxon Empire (Alliance & Treaty)