Despotate of Thrace

Thrace subdivisions
Largest city Byzantium (formally called Konstantinoupolis)
Official language(s) Hellenic(Greek)
Official religion(s) Greek Orthodox
Demonym Thracian
Government Protectorate
- Head of State Commissioner of the Despotate
- Head of Government Temporary vacant
Established August 1992, Protectorate 1st May 2013
Area claimed approximately 60,000 km²
Currency Euro
Time zone GMT+2
National animal Two Headed Eagle

Thrace, officially Despotate of Thrace, is a micronation with claims in the Eastern Balkan Peninsula. It borders Hellas(Greece) to the West, Bulgaria to the North and Turkey to the East.


In Greek mythology, Thrace was the daughter of Oceanus and Parthenope, sister of Europe and eponymous heroine of the ancient region of Thrace.Birth Vithy or Bithynia, whose father was Zeus and Dologko (whose father was Saturn).Thrace was known as Thrassa or Throssa. This name is referred to as mother Ismarhos, the fruit of her love with Mars.


The fountation of Thrace was created by the(then) Emperor Viktoras I Alexandros. He ruled from 2001 till his disappearance in 2011 after 10 years reign. At this period the micronation is exclusively on the internet.

For some time the government had ruled till the Title of Grand Steward. The King of Cantonia, Alexander I Helios had this title and with him the Thrace began to claim land. On 01 May 2013, the Principality of Imvrassia and Mouzilo Empire, they have signed a treaty and put the Empire of Thrace under their protection. On 25 November 2013, the Empire became member of the League of Hellenistic Micronations. By decision of the League on 07 October 2015 the micronation acquired status of being a Despotate.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Despotate of Thrace officialy is an absolute Monarchy and duties of Head of State carry out the two Commissioners from protecting Powers.

Administrative divisionsEdit

The Despotate of Thrace is divided into two Provinces which are:

A. Province of Northern Thrace (Mouzilo sector).

B. Province of Eastern Thrace (Imvrassia sector).

In each Province has the right, each protecting power to appoint a governor as a representative.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Despotate of Thrace internal affairs are under the full responsibility of the League.

Flag GalleryEdit


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