Democratic Diarchy of Sparta (Portuguese) Diarquia Democrática de Esparta
Coat of Arms
Motto: Ω ξεíν´, ´αγγέλλειν Λακεδαιμονíοις ´οτι τηδε κείμεθα τοîς κείνων ρήμασι πειθόμενοι
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Location: Non-territorial
Population: As of 17/07/09, 21
Date of foundation: August 8th, 2008

Head of State:

Head of Government:

King Pete

King John

Language: Portuguese
Demonym: Spartan-Agustian
Currency: Spartan-Agustian Pound
Religion: Greek Orthodox
Micropatriology hybrid of Realistic School and simulationism

The Democratic Diarchy of Sparta, or simply Sparta, was an complete independent micronation from August 8th, 2008 to March 24th, 2009, when it joined Free Community of Pasargada as its fifth Canton, with mutual benefits. The country is inspired by the ancient greek culture of Sparta City-State and declares to promote democracy, liberty and a strong will to defend them.

Although it proclaims to be a diarchy, that is to say, Sparta shpuld be ruled simultaneously by two kings, to this day Rodrigo Mariano is the sole monarch.

Since March 2009, Sparta has been an active membernation of the Free Community of Pasargada. Merging was firm only after detailed pasargadan formalities and protocols (plebiscite, parliamentary approval, diplomatic treaty) were fulfilled, giving nonetheless Sparta autonomy and reasonable independence.


Sparta sponsors and takes part of the Institute of Monarchical Traditions, based in Pasargada. Moreover, in july 2009, the Diarchy has earned a full voting chair in the Micronational Monarchies Organization (OML), together with another Pasargadan canton, the Principality of Efaté.

Who is who

John (s. 2008)

Pete (s. 2008)

Daniel Bojczuk (s. 2008)

Kehsia Lorhana (s. 2008)

Filipe Sales (s. 2009)

Ephorus of Atlas
Henrique Diógenes (s. 2008)

Journalist and Prime-Apellus
Leonardo Gomes (s. 2008)


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