Flag of Zevar.png
MottoMotosax uny Difisaki Kaluny
AnthemNacituni-Antima d-Zeva'a
CapitalMjanfédítuda (Zv)
Largest city Mjanfédítuda
Official languages English, Zevese, Portuguese, Meow
Ethnic groups (2015) White (33%)

Cat (33%)

Dog (33%)
Demonym Zevan (En)

Zeva'ia (Zv)

Government Diarchy
 -  Governor Jacob Martin (Zevar Áktívmia Party)
 -  Governor Brady Martin (Zevar Pogesivia Party)
EstablishmentJune 1, 2014 (Kingdom of Zevar)

November 1, 2014 (Republic of Zevar)

August 14, 2015 (Diarchy of Zevar)
 -  Myanfeditudi May 15, 2015 
 -  Kidxa June 26, 2015 
 -  Entchojsa June 26, 2015 
 -  Koxetca June 26, 2015 
 -  Matina Disatida  
 -  August 17, 2015  
 -  Water (%) 0%
 -  Total 128 ft2
 -  2015 census
Currency Zevese Voda (ZVV)
Time zone Zevar Standard Time (UTC-4:45)
 -  Summer (DST) Zevar Daylight Time (UTC-3:45)
Date formats MM/DD/YY
Calling code +1

The Diarchy of Zevar (Zevese: Dajjaka d-Zeva'a) is a 128 square foot (11.9 square meter) micronation founded by Governor Jacob on June 1, 2014.

Location of Zevar

Location of Zevar in Massachusetts


Zevar is made up of 4 provinces, Kidxa, Koxetca, Entcojza, and the capital district, called Matina Disatida.

Zevar Map

Map of Zevar Provinces and capitals, the national capital is blue

Province Abbreviation Capital
Kidxa KD Novi-Kojketca
Koxetca KX Fomifeka
Entcojsa EN Potéda

Matina Disatida

MD Mjanfédítuda


The army of Zevar (Zevese: Amajja d-Zeva'a) is made up of just 1 citizen, Jojo Martin. The base is located in Potéda, EN, which is the only enterance to the country. It also acts as the border patrol.

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