Turland, officially Dictatorship of Turland is a micronation with capital Bendanbourge in small town of Laidley. It is lead by Chancellor Tyler.


The Dictatorship of Turland (previously known as The Kingdom of Turland) is a micronation in the small town of Laidley. It was created on the 10th of May 2010. When created Tyler spit the nation into two cities Bendanbourge (previously known as Wvyen) and Lendenbourge. On the 13th of May Turland allied with the communist nations of Istroff. On the 16th of May the president of Istroff persuaded Tyler that Turland would become more noticed if it became a dictatorship. On that same day it became the dictatorship of Turland. On the 19th of May Turland and Istroff grew to far away and Tyler ripped the ally treaty in two, finishing the allied bond between the two nations. Istroff's president thought this was a insult and, in a speech, attacked Turland and Tyler. This started the Istroff-Turland war.The first and only battle (the battle at the Gully) was in favour of a Turland win but with sharp techniques Istroff captured halve of the Turlandian army, but they were later let go.

Turland flag

Turland Flag 3/08/10


Chancellor Tyler


10 May 2010



National animal



Work for life, fight for freedom

Area of land

1100 square meters

National language


National sport


National religion


National Anthem

For the great land of Turland



Time zone

(AEST -30 min)



National Holidays

10th May: foundation day. For the foundation of Turland
20th May: military force day. A day to honor Turlandian armed forces
12th June: election day. a day off for the Turlandian chancellor election


The Turlandian military has 2 types of forces.

The 1st: the Turlandian land forces. It has 4 soldiers so far. The ranks in the land forces are:

  1. Officer
  2. captain
  3. sergeant
  4. corporal
  1. private
  2. officer cadet

The 2nd: the Turlandian bike services. This type of military uses bikes and sidecars. So far know one has joined it. This type of military is still in the middle of being produced.


So far Turland has been involved in 1 micro war called the Istroff-Turland war. The war has (on 25 May) ended after the battle of the Gully. No one was wounded in the battle. It ended in a Istroff win. Turland suffered minimum damage. But fights within Turland (against Bendanbourge and Lendenbourge)caused a civil war because Bendanbourge had maximum control over the people in Lendenbourge.

Alien search party

The D.T.A.S.L.P (the Dictatorship of Turland Alien Search and Location Party) is a program that has been going on since the 17th of May. It is a group of 7 people looking of life beyond our own. The use a S.E.T.I like program to locate sounds and moves throughout the galaxy.Only one 6 second sound has been recorded.

Mining service

On the 26th of May the T.M.S (the Turlandian mining service) was made. Tyler made miners use mining hooks and shovels. So far nothing has been found.


On the 19th/08/10 a revolutionary group made of Istroff and Turland soldiers called the Heltrian empire rebelled against there leaders. The leader was Tsar Wayne, Tylers father. They raided the Leaders home and he was forced to a bunker for 2 days. During this time the Heltrian soldiers destroyed any remenence of Turlandian life. They then entered the bunker and arrested the leaders. They were buried in dirt to the torso for 3 hours and then they were stripped of there positions. During the time between the 25/08 to the 31/08 was a time called the Ressex era. The new leader of Istroff, Josephe Ressex made Turland part of his new republic. He gave leadership to tsar Wayne and he made it into the Empire of Heltrian. He then gained control of two micro nations called the kingdom(s) of Kerlivov and Armuston on the 1st of September. On the 2nd of September he made Istroff part of the new empire.

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