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Diego Matzé
Secretary-General of Maraca
Assumed office:
1st May 2014
Marshal Salvador Martinez
Informatsio Daniel Ramos
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Incumbent
President of Cuento Fuera
In office:
26th April 2014 - 28th April 2014
Vice-President Eduardo el-Salza
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Position Abolished
Personal information
Born 7th December 1997 (Aged 16)
Montevideo, Uruguay.
Citizenship Uruguay (1997-2014)

Cuento Fuera (2014-2014)
Republica Maraca (2014 - )

Nationality Maracan
Ethnicity Hispanic
Domestic partner Isabella Garcia (2014 - )
Residence Maracan Embassy to the United Kingdom, London.
Puerto Principal, Republica Maraca.
Occupation Secretary-General of Maraca
Profession Military Leader
Religion Catholic
Diego Matzé (Born 7th December 1997) is a Maracan Communist Politician, Political Activist & Guerilla Fighter born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He is the incumbent Secretary-General of Maraca and in the past was the President of Cuento Fuera. He is famed for his lax persona when it comes to ruling Maraca.

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