Kingdom of Dispra - Königreich Dispra

Capital city König Hans Stad
Largest city König Hans Stad
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Established November 7 2010
Population 34
Currency Dispran Mark
Time zone GMT


The Kingdom of Dispra (German: Königreich Dispra) is a micronational kingdom located in England and Bavaria.


Dispra was founded by Hans Günsburg on November 7 2010, after coming across micronationalism on the internet. He founded Dispra as a Anglo-German state originally known as New Bavaria. Soon, King Hans recruited citizens and a new territory, Aspenstad, was founded. Initially, he intended to make the nation into an absolute monarchy, however decided it would be a democratic state after an influx of citizens. Soon the King decided an elected government would have to be formed, so called an election for 17 December that year. At that time, the nations regions were reformed to allow for elections to take place. Following that for two months was a settled period for the nation, in which not much happened. However, on 9 March 2011, a decree was passed saying that nobles were no longer allowed automatic seats on the Landsstag, meaning another election had to be called for April 2011. After a hung parliament resulted, the King formed a temporary government with Karl Günsburg II as High Minister.


The Landsstag is the government of Dispra. It is made up of one unicameral chamber which has 21 seats. At the last election for the Landsstag, the Libertarian Party won a plurality 8 seats, with the Socialist Monarchist Party winning 7 seats, and the Other Party, Independence Right and Apfel Party all winning two seats.

Here is the current Landsstag

Person Party Seat Region
King Hans I Socialist Monarchist König Hans Stad One Hansia
James Günsburg Socialist Monarchist König Hans Stad Two Hansia
Juna Günsburg Libertarian König Hans Stad Three Hansia
Georgia Günsburg Libertarian Bavaria Stad One Hansia
Karl Günsburg II Socialist Monarchist Bavaria Stad Two Hansia
William Günsburg Socialist Monarchist Aspenstad One Aspen Stad
Laura Günsburg Libertarian Aspenstad Two Aspen Stad
Frederic Auden Libertarian Günsburgerstad One Günsburgerstad
Lukas Günsburg Other Günsburgerstad Two Günsburgerstad
Harold Günsburg Socialist Monarchist Holf Stad One Holfenland
Elisa Günsburg Libertarian Holf Stad Two Holfenland
William Auden Libertarian Party Audenstad One Holfenland
George Auden Socialist Monarchist Audenstad Two Holfenland
Geoff Günsburg Apfel Apfelstad One Apfelstad
Lisa Günsburg Apfel Apfelstad Two Apfelstad
Phillip Oubel Socialist Monarchist Oubelstad One Apfelstad
Angela Oubel Other Oubelstad Two Apfelstad
Harry Auden Independence Right Stad-Teltland One Teltland
Mark Auden Libertarian Stad-Teltland Two Teltland
Janet Auden Independence Right Allstad One Teltland
Adam Auden Libertarian Allstad Two Teltland

Regions and Cities

Dispra is divided into five regions:

Region Capital Population
Hansia König Hans Stad 10
Aspen Stad Aspen Stad 3
Günsburgerstad Günsburgerstad 5
Holfenland Holf Stad 8
Apfelstad Apfelstad 9

There are ten cities in Dispra. They are

  • König Hans Stad
  • Bavaria Stad
  • Aspen Stad
  • Günsburgerstad
  • Holf Stad
  • Audenstad
  • Apfelstad
  • Oubelstad
  • Stad-Teltlander
  • Allstad

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