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Doland National Football Team
Nickname(s) Tools
Association Dolandic Football Federation
Confederation NA
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Kit body.png
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Kit shorts.png
Kit socks long.png
Away colours

International Matches Edit

Matches played against different Micronations.

Match Home Score Away Location Date
CFC The Dolandic Flag Doland 0-3 VanconderenKeig Vanconder Vakdijo'klór ArenA 20:00
Premier League CatlandFlag Catland 4-4 The Dolandic Flag Doland Kittycity Stadium 20:45
Premier League NordénishKeig Republic Of Nordén 2-0 The Dolandic Flag Doland Crevanájski 21:40
Premier League The Dolandic Flag Doland vs Frostland Vakdijo'klór ArenA 1:00
CFC NordénishKeig Republic Of Nordén 1-4 The Dolandic Flag Doland Vakdijo'klór ArenA 20:30
CFC Semi-finals The Dolandic Flag Doland 1-3 FlagOfKeig Keig Vakdijo'klor Arena 1:00
CFC 3rd Place Play-off The Dolandic Flag Doland 0-1 CatlandFlag Catland Unity Stadio 19:30

History Edit

The Dolandic Football Association was founded in the 15th of August 2014 when the first season of the Keigen-Dolandic Commonwealth Football Championship started. It's first game that a DFA team competed in was the second game in the Keigen-Dolandic Commonwealth Football Championship but unfortunately lost 3-0 to Vanconder on the same day as it's foundation. The DFA has launched a plan to negotiate a friendly game between many nations to promote the virtual team. The Dolandic team finished third in the 2014 Keigen-Dolandic Commonwealth Premiership and has at best a finish of third in the Keigen-Dolandic Commonwealth Football Championship(link above)

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