Dolmenian National Soccer Team

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Dolmenian national soccer team
Dolmanische nationale voetbal team
Dolmanian flag
Nickname(s) The Eagle-Lions
Association Dolmenian Football-Soccer Fedderation
Confederation UEFA
Head coach Stanley van Loggem
Captain Chris McDonald
Most Cap Jean-Pierre Benschop
Top scorer Jean-Pierre Benschop
Home stadium Eagle Lion Stadium
Kit left arm.png
Kit body.png
Kit right arm.png
Kit shorts.png
Kit socks long.png
Home colors
Kit left arm.png
Kit body.png
Kit right arm.png
Kit shorts.png
Kit socks long.png
Away colours
Kit left arm.png
Kit body.png
Kit right arm.png
Kit shorts.png
Kit socks long.png
Third colors
First international
Dolmanian flag Dolmenia 2-1 USA Flag of the United States of America
Biggest win
Dolmanian flag Dolemnia 4-2 NetherlandsDutch Flag
Biggest defeat
Spain flag Spain 2-1 Dolmenia Dolmanian flag

Dolmenian National Soccer Team is begin in 1998.


Dolmenia started in 2007 with participating in the World Cup and European Championships, the very first game was against the USA and it was won 2-1, and the most important 2 matches was against Netherlands and Spain, Spain's was lost with 2-1 and thus of Netherlands won 4-2 and at last word so Dolmenia finally top football life in black and blue and green, and Dolmenia and the game was also played against the Derby and Dolmenia played in the Derby against Belgium, also with 4-1 win there Dolmenia, and also Dolmenians that at clubs playing at home or abroad, which is also very good that are also selected by the Dolmenian national soccer team, it looks more like the American and Dutch national football team and so is it, Dolmenian national soccer team.

Teams of the Dolmenian soccer competition

Dolmenia has 2 Prof competitions the first is the All Stars Leauge and the Jupiler Leauge of Dolmenia, the Teams of the All Stars Leauge the 34 time Champions OverMarch, and the club from the Dolmenian Jupiler Leauge with 6 times the champion New Ford FC, There are 12 clubs competing in the All Stars Leauge, such as 8 clubs from Snitchzels, 3 clubs from Ronneys, and 1 club from the capital.


Dolmenian soccer team play in 3 soccer-stadiums in his country, one of the stadium of OverMach from Stonefield is the Eagle-Lion Stadium and the other 2 stadiums Eastwich-Abbon Park and Helderdam-Arena.



Dolmenia 2-1 USA Eagle-Lion Stadium - Stonefield

Dolmenia 13-0 Derskovia Helderdam-Arena

Dolmenia 10-0 Viadalvia Eastwich-Abbon Park

Dolmenia 4-2 Netherlands Eagle-Lion Stadium - Stonefield

Exhibition game (Derby)
Dolmenia 4-1 Belgium Eagle-Lion Stadium - Stonefield

Spain 2-1 Dolmenia

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