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Dominion of Dartir
Andrei cioara

"We came, we saw, we conquered"
King, King, we hail you (Formerly)
                    Die Braune Kompanie (Currently)
                    Link to current anthem :
Predeal, Romania.
Capital city None
Largest city None
Official language(s) Dartirianic
Demonym Dartirian
Government Absolute Dictatorship Republic
Legislature Parliament
Established 2014
Area claimed 0.5 Square Km to 1 Square KM
Population 7
Currency The Dart
Time zone Romania standard time
National sport Chess
National animal None
Patron saint St. Andrew and St.Peter
Internet Domain None

The Dominion of Dartir was a micronation. It was founded in the year 2014 in the forests of Predeal, Romania by Baron Andrew I wich also claimed fictional territories before The Great Unification.

It is succeded by The Holy Dartirian Empire wich you will be able to find on MicroWiki


The name of Dartir does not come from current words.

It comes from the Dominion's  ancestor, L'imperia Dartiria. The new name has been choosen to honor the past of the micronation.


2013...Andrew wanted to form something that he could call his own... And what else could he form other than a Nation? He wanted to form an empire of glory and that time, he failed.

1 year later, in 2014 , Andrew remembered what he once tried to do and decided to give it a second chance, and he finally succeded in creating the Dominion of Dartir

Government & PoliticsEdit

The Dominion of Dartir is ran by an absolute dictatorship in wich just a few have power in their hands. It has a Prime Minister, a Minister of Defence, a Minister of Order, wich ensures the Dominion is safe and everything else works as it should, and in the very end, it has a Baron, absolute Lord and King of the state wich has power of Life and Death and wich no one shall say "no" to,

Law & OrderEdit

The micronation has a constitution of its own, wich is called The 7 Laws and wich can be found here.

Law 1 - Through the order of his excelency, alcohol and tobbaco products are banned

Law 2 - Any action of thieving or stealing shall be punished

Law 3 - Swearing to his excellency is illegal

Law 4 - Any kind of violence is illegal as well

Law 5 - Not only towards the Baron, but swearing towards anyone is to be punished

Law 6 - Carrying any kind of gun and weapon is not allowed in this state

Law 7 - Faking the national currency is the biggest crime one can commit in this state

Foreign Relations

The dominion is in a friendship relationship with the Republic Of Molossia and it is the only nations it is recognized by. Daritir recognizes all micro-nations.


Even small , as it is, the Dominion has a military force made of two people. The military ranks are, from high to low : Supreme commander, Division commander, Sergeant, Major sergeant, lietenuant, Militia commander, Militiaman and Recruit

Geography & ClimateEdit

The climate is quite cold in the Dominion, and the terrain is rocky, and hard to climb. It has been choosen to avoid trespassing. The Dominion is set on a high hill in the Romanian forests,inside the Carpathian mountains.


Dartir doesn`t import or export anything, the only thing it has is its own currency, the Dart. It is pegged to the US dollar,the exchange rate being 10.000 Darts - 1 US dollar.'


The Dartirians are educated people. They study various languages and mathematics. Through the languages they study, there can be found English , Romanian (which is known by everyone) , French, and their own language, Dartirianic , which is Romanian with a different alphabet and new letters and pronunciation. They also have roots in the Romanian culture

Connections with the Roman EmpireEdit

Romania has Latin origins, and a Latin language.The Dartirians are fanatical supporters of the Roman traditions , chants, marches and language. It also claims to have a spiritual link with the Roman Empire and all other latin nations that once existed.

One more common characteristic is that both Dariria and The Roman Empire are a military dictatorship.The coat of arms is a dual-headed eagle, wich is a symbol of the Roman and Byzantine empires.

Also, the Baron has the supreme power.


The Baron considers conquering other micronations or territories around the Micronational World and refuses to join any alliance with any micronations except Molossia, its current friend. The Baron`s expansion policy threatens the world of Micronations.

And so, they go to Schmuldavia Edit

In the 8th of may 2014,the dartirian Baron, Andrew I called his troops and demanded an invasion of a fictional island on the 8th fictional continent of Micra. The Daritirians will attack Schmuldavia due to the fact that they lack a good economy or political status in their actual territory, in the real world. The invasion will happen soon and has the goal to make Dartiria a better place.

Schmuldavia and much moreEdit

The Baron claims to have conquered the fictional island of Schmuldavia and a lot more nations wich he claims that exist. Now, Dartir has a real territory in Predeal and a lot of fictional territories


The Dominion was split into 5 provinces, 2 of them real and the rest fictional.

The provinces were: Il Castelo (renamed La Provincia Royale). , the Garden Square, Schmuldavia (Small Island occupied by Natives) , Nq`odd, and La Provincia Slavonica.

Schmuldavia , Nq`odd and Slavonica were fictional.

Currently, the Dominion is no longer split into provinces. (For more information, see The Great Unification)

The Great UnificatonEdit

On the 14th of May 2014, the former Provinces were disbanded and the fictional ones were completely abandoned , any documents about them being destroyed. Now,the Baron claimed a huge forest-reigon with water courses and hills as the official territory of The Dominion of Dartir. This happened due to the fact that Dartir lacked phyisical territory and only occupied a few square meters in the past. La Provincia Royale was again renamed to La Casa De Governamente and is no longer a province. Now, it acts as the command center for Dartir.

Also, the information above were published in The Dartir News. Now, the Dominion claims it is an independent Empire with the right of freedom and speech. The day of 14th of May 2014 was named The Great Unification.

On the Map, you can see the current Dominion territories, wich are not marked completely accurate.



The Dominion lacks a modern Television System. The news are being told trought a newspaper wich apeears monthly and is named : The Dartir News. It has two pages and shows news, announces, advertising , weather forecast and Crosswords.

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