Factionist Enclave of Dorién

We march to victory, raise the flags charge the brigades.
Capital city Upper Kostenburg
Largest city Lower Kostenburg
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secularism
Demonym Doréntine
Government Factionist Direct Democracy
- Chancellor Sebastian Schriber
Legislature People's Grand Assembly
Established 26/04/2013
Population 23
Currency Kredits
National drink Mead
National animal Bobcat
Patron saint Saint Felix

The Factionist Enclave of Dorién, or simply Dorién or FED, is a large piece of land located in south-west England. Primarily influenced by French, German and Greek culture, Dorién is noted to be one of the most environmentally active micronations, constantly seeking alternative ways of eco-friendly energy and its extreme green policies. Most noted for its potato farming to fund its Solanum tuberosum (potato) energy plan which it uses extensively. Dorién has a patriotic population of 23 and enjoy great social equality but views most other macronations as somewhat corrupt and immoral. A robust private sector is led by Arms manufacturing and the before mentioned potato power. The tax rate is very low at £1 per month to fund small government activities although most of the government budget comes from the Chancellor. The nation spends the most on its progressive and liberal social policies and education as well as law and order. People are fined for harming the environment and the local inter territory postal service is one of the best in the micronational world.


Dorién means, in Greek, 'Free'. It was chosen by the Provisional Government to represent the nation in its views of macronations and how it dislikes the current economical and political system. Greek was chosen not just to show the Greek influence of culture on Dorién but to also show the victory and glorly of the ancient Greeks of Athens and Sparta.


The government strongly represent the people, infact, most citizens are in the government. Of course this system only works for a small micronation such as Dorién but it is noted that if the nation grows any bigger, all people would make the large scale political decisions such as declaring war and other smaller isues would be handled by just the politicians. The government is most noted for its extreme green policies and being factionist, self interested. It is strongly believed that for the government to truly represent the people they have to be self interested to benefit the state to the most of their ability. The nations is a unicameral legislative state known for a very literal direct democracy. The Chancellor and leader of the government is Sebastian Schriber, of which he is the head of government, for there is not head of state due to the fact that it is believed that a head of state cannot properly represent the people.

Mostly based on Roman law, the judicial system is represented by the People's court of High Justice. Here criminal cases are handled by the Supreme Judges of Dorién. To see the list of arrestable crimes and more about the judicial system further down.

Political Parties

So far there are four main political parties in Dorién. These four parties are voted on yearly by the people of Dorién on the national elections on the 15th of March.

Party Votes In Power Seats (Out of 10)
Social Green Nationalist Front 12 Yes 4
Nationalist Democratic Front 2 No 1
Social Liberal Front 6 Yes 3
Great Dorién Party (Communist) 3 No 2

Law and Order

The judicial system of Dorién maintains a firm grip on the crimes of the state. Arresting in the nation has a slightly different meaning, it generally means that the Gendarmerie post a letter through your door asking you to appear at court, if the client does not turn up, he will be fined anyway. The Gendarmerie is usually used to patrol the area and keep a watch on territories. Equipped with airsoft rifles such as the MP5K-UMP45 hybrid, the Tactical Chasseur and the M9 pistol to deter trespassers. Also used to promote the nation and explain to people out micronations. The Gendarmerie also operate the courts along with their representatives of the government and the police, the Supreme Judges. A list of crimes, signed by the Chancellor every time he is elected into office are depicted here, fine is only required if found guilty. All serious crimes such as murder, rape and sexual assault are immediately handed over to the British police or the respected law enforcers of the individuals country. The laws are vaguely based on the seven deadly sins. Fines may vary depending on the seriousness of the case, the ones listed below are averages.

Arrestable Crimes in Dorién

Harming the environment - £5

Gross Public Indecency - £6

Fraternizing with the Enemy - £7

Lust after another person without their permission - £10

Stealing (Minor case) - £10

Wrath or physically injuring someone - £10

Acedia (Neglect to take care of something i.e animals, your nation) - £5

Foreign Relations

Dorién has a network of embassies and maintains foreign relations with many micronations. Currently 27 active micronation have relations with Dorién including alliances and diplomatic formalities. Dorién was in the GUM before leaving Amager and for a short time advised the High Kingdom of Knoll and Doshevika. The foreign policy is formulated by all people and it maintains harsh restrictions on war and conflicts. One of the largest aid donators, it approximately gives £10 to charity every 2 months which, according to the national budget, is a large sum. Dorién and the Noble Republic of Lurk are close political allies. Dorién exports most of its trade into the United Kingdom and currently, no other nations are allowed trade unions with Dorién due to fact of instability in a intermicronational trade partnership. The government follows the Monte-Video convention and is not recongized by any nation within the United Nations organization.


Dorién doesn't have a military of such but has a very militarized police force. By the name of the Gendarmerie, or internationally the Dorién Gendarmerie, it is equipped with airsoft rifles as well as pellet rifles. The Gendarmerie also has a ballista of which is its only artillery piece. The force is conscription so the nation can maintain a high military presence to protect its interests, being a factionist state. Consisting of a ground force and air arm, the need of a navy was dismissed after the acknowledgement that no near exclave territory was suitable to claim. The ground force, commonly named the Stratos and the Forces Aériennes of which is the air force. The main military base is at Crak Rocks, commonly known to be through a pass built through a hill about 12ft high. The wooded area above is a good place to camp and gives you a lookout over the traffic coming into the main village that Dorién resides. Being on a hill, you can progress with a few steps outside the wooded area and look over the whole land up the horizon. It is considered a military base and only active duty soldiers or people with permission are allowed there even though it's public space.


The geography of Dorién, although all in the same general area, varies quite alot. From the ragged slopes of Crak Rocks to the rolling grassland of Albertine Fields. The capital (Kapital) territory is located in Upper Kostenburg and the surrounding territory is the full property and also used as a security buffer. People are not allowed to enter Upper Kostenburg without permission. Next door is Albertine Fields. Named after the old Amatine leader and known to show the people of old Dorién (Cärrum) liberal views Lucien Albertine. Even though it is commonality land
Map of Dorien

Map of Dorién (Not to scale)

it is still claimed by the government as well as the fact that the farmer who rents the field has not been noted. It is more of a memorial territory and is not physically used. The 'Crak' territories are located on the edge of a small valley. This 'hill' on the edge of this flood prone valley is called Crak and has a pass, for vehicles, about 12ft deep and open top covered with trees cutting right through it. On the verge is Crak Rocks, of which there is a military base to monitor the incoming traffic. It has been planned for a military camp and exercise to be held there but it is yet to be confirmed. The Valley Edge is where the Air force is based and is where the valleys hill edge slopes down into the flats and forests all around. It is to be noted that Dorién's territories are square, this is considered to be more efficient and organized for the property based enclave such as Dorién.


Dorién uses an online computer based currency called Kredits. Kredits come with a spreadsheet software and are one of the most developed currencies currently circulating in the micronational world. It is also more safe due to the fact that no physical thing is needed to pay for things, you just have to present your card and ID. Dorién currently has a low budget of £20 after the decision was made the spend the majority of the national budget on the arts. A well known company, Schriber Weapon System International, is also present and funds a large part of the economy in weapons manufacturing.

Science and Technology

Dorién prides itself in Eco-friendly, and only Eco, energy. Mostly focused on Solanum tuberosum or potato energy as it is commonly known. Currently scientists are trying to create a genetically engineered potato most effective in energy. After that is achieved the plan is to make a basic running computer from the approximate time period of 1960s and try and run it off potatoes. Currently all that has been achieved are clocks a few other basic appliances but the scientists are trying to make a breakthrough in a potato reactor, including 20 potatoes all wired up that will be changed periodically, it is thought that if the country had enough potatoes they would power everything on it, although it is unlikely. The tax includes one potato from each citizen too.


A small electronic train track is being planned to run from the stone mine to the sorting center, big enough to carry the largest of stones. Most noted for its drone airport, of which it is planning to launch and land retrievable drones. The nation is constantly looking for Eco-energy and has refused to use fossil fuels on a large scale. The roads, already in place before nation are considered to be the British Government's problem unless something happens directly. With its position near farms, it is on the brunt of most farm traffic in the area, although there are not much civilian vehicles that pass by.


With a population of 25 citizens, half living outside of the territory, Dorién is not a very densely populated country. The estimated life expectancy is 84 years. There are also nearly no immigrants, all citizens that apply for citizenship, due to political rule are not considered immigrants if they apply for it under the 2 year rule. However, if they leave and break contract, they are reclassified as immigrants. Immigrants are accepted yet Dorién, as you would expect from a micronation, has a very low immigration rate. Families usually have one or two children and there are very few families with three children. Most people live outside the territories however Valley Edge and the Kostenburg territories are populated. The highest ethnicity is obviously British but a high German population is present with a small Muslim percentage.


In the most recent survey, it was noted that almost all of the population was Atheist or Agnostic. A small percent were spiritual and an even smaller Christian. There is also a miniscule Muslim community. It has been speculated that this has happened due to the increasing atheist and agnostic rates in North-Western Europe. This would probably mean that micronations would clearly increase in athiest rates too being located in these countries. The nation is secularist and denies the government's association with the church. A small church and mosque are led by few citizens, it is not confirmed whether these people follow their religion extensively.


The official language of Dorién is English but German, French and Greek are used extensively. Due to this, major cultural influences have been made by these macronations. Dorién is planning on creating its own language being a mix of French and German but without masculine and feminine and simplifying the cases. The plan is yet to be confirmed until a cultural minister is appointed.


Dorién is noted ot have one of the most advanced micronational education systems in the world. The online learning resource center (OLRC) gives citizens around the world the ability to learn the history, languages and much more via the system. Penda Kollege is based completely virtually, meaning that it is easy to access, however, there is a library being planned for a later time to be run by the Kollege.


It is debatable but Dorién has claimed to have one of the best health care systems in the micronational world. With the head of healthcare being a manager of the National Health Service in England's many branches, the level of experience and quality healthcare is high. Ofcourse, the need for high level healthcare is low in a micronation due to serious cases being taken to the relative macronations health service. However, the current healthservice is employed in disaster recovery, and is on standby in a contingency for the before.