Dradelian Republic of Hutton Hang

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Dradelian Republic of Hutton Hang (ENG)
Peguno Dradelsrutu mäjte Hutton Hang (DRA)

Gigimot Drädelisrutu bäbomu
Hutton Hang
Capital city Hutton Hang
Largest city Hutton Hang
Official language(s) English Dradelian
Official religion(s) Secular (official)
Protestant (cultural)
Short name Hutton Hang
Demonym Huttonese
Government Dradelian republic
- Govenor Edward Novak
Legislature Huttonese council of elders
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 7
Established 3 Febuary 2014
Area claimed 2 km2
Population 6 registered citizens
Currency Dradelian Rutu
National dish Pike Meat Pigeon
National animal Rooster
Patron saint St Joseph

The Dradelian Republic of Hutton Hang (Dradelian (Peguno drädelsrutu mäjte Hutton Hang)is a state in Dradelia

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