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—  Capital City  —
Dragostin, State Capital of Burkhazia
of Bromenia
Skyline of Dragostin
Nickname(s): "Drakon"
Established 1934
Founder Unknown
 - Body Yaniteva
 - Mayor Kuzman Radyev
Population 14
Density 0.805km2
Ethnic Groups Burkhazians (70%)
Moravians (20%)
Scandinavians (10%)
Area 16km2
Dragostin is the capital and largest city of the People's Republic of Bromenia and also the previous seat of government for the Socialist Republic of Bromenia, inhabited irregularly by a group of Bromeni citizens. It is one Bromenia's three settlements, and also the district-capital of the Burkhazia region of Bromenia.


The small village at the time known as Borzhoza was officially recognised as a town in 1934, it was to be called Dragostin. At the time it flourished into a farming hub amongside neighbouring Delchevo for the nearest city of Gotse Delchev.

As time passed into the early 2000s, A large conurbation had grown between a town next to Dragostin and the large city of Gotse Delchev, which led to Gotse Delchev becoming a huge city next door to Dragostin. Many people relocated themselves with higher prospects to Gotse Delchev which left Dragostin in disrepair. All records in the Bulgarian Government of the town were erased and later on in 2008 the electricity supply to the town was cut. In 2010 the town was rediscovered by an anonymous Bulgarian who posted pictures of his visit to the ghost town on a Bulgarian forum.


This small town borders the Pirins National Park of Bromenia to the south, a permanent installment for natural conservation across the country, based on the premise used by Bulgaria itself. It contains 9 major buildings, of which 4 are regularly inhabited. The only fully furnished building is the government building itself, the Dragostin Old Church, known as the Yaniteva - which is to become the private residence of the Chairman.


Dragostin retains is intended to service as a farming hub, used to grow food and other items for the Bromeni people. Amongst this it also stick firmly to the roots of it's founding by enforcing labour shares. Crops unused to be exported to Bulgaria & Greece.

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