Drew Star Line
Raoul Flag 2.png
2005 - 2007SR&NP Flag.png

DSL Flag

"Follow the Stars"

"Drew's Beat"
Havelock, NC, United States
Capital city Fort Drew
Largest city Fort Drew
Official language(s) English
Demonym Starliner
Government Direct Democracy
- President Jericho Gilmore
Legislature Council
- Number of seats - 32
- Last election - 1 September 2006
Established 13 September 2005
Disestablished 1 March 2007
Area claimed 0.008 km²
Population 32
Currency Rook
Time zone UTC+5:00
National animal Domesitacted Cat

Drew Star Line (often abbreviated to DSL), is a defunct prototype micronation founded by Andrew Clingersmith on 13 September 2005. After a short internal conflict DSL morphed into the former micronation known as the Republic of Starland on 1 March 2007. Although often considered a micronation, the current successor state to DSL (the Democratia of New Starland) maintains that DSL was run more like a club than a country.

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