Soyuz Druzhba
[[Druzhba Union|]] Shield DR
[[Druzhbamap|]] Noflag.png

"Unification among the masses" (Unofficial)
No Official One yet
Worldwide Union
Official language(s) English, Pirato, Russian
Demonym Druzhzki
Population 80

The Druzhba Union is a Micro-national union that was formed to promote trade, unity, and strength. The union was founded by the Emperor of the Zachodnoslavijan Empire, and the President of The Grand Republic of Amoria.


The name Soyuz Druzhba translates from Russian into "Friendship Union". Recognizing the friendship and unity of micro-nations that choose to become part of it.


The Union was formed on March 8th, 2014. Ideas of forming a union to open trade, unity, and strength had been flowing through Zachodnoslavijan Empire's Emperor Zorro Zydrunaszko di Sarajevo head for months before the creation. The opportunity finally came to be when Zachodnoslavija and their closest ally Amoria came together to create it. Zydrunaszko was quoted "Together with our brothers from Amoria, we shall bring unification among the masses." Which holds as the motto of the Union.


The family came to sail in the early months of MMXIII. Thoughts of convoying to bring swap, friendship, and sharp blades were sailing through the Emperor's skull for a couple good months. When the Zachods and der matey's the Amorians joined ship and sailed it. Zydrunaszko was quoted "Together with our brothers from Amoria, we shall bring unification among the masses." Which holds as the words of the family.

Membership RequirementsEdit

To be eligible to become a member, your nation must have:

  • An official flag
  • An official head of state
  • official capital
  • Population
  • Ability to communicate with other members
  • Your nation may not be claiming to be recognized by any Macronation but you can recognize macronations.

Member statesEdit

Flag Name Population Capital
Zachodnoslavijan Empire Flag
Republic of Zachodnoslavija 3 Sarajevo
Grand Republic of Amoria 9 Maxingrad
Terra Silvae
The People's Commonwealth of Terra Silvae 5 Morrisopolis
Tsardom of Markoslavia 53 Milićgrad 
Flag-2 The Athenian Soviet Socialist Republic 6 New Moscow
Serbian Autonomous Republic 9 Porto-polis

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