The Parliamentary Republic of Dubrovnik, or simply Dubrovnik, is a micronation located in Britain, South Africa and Croatia. Not to be confused with the city, Dubrovnik was founded as 'The Kingdom of Cärrum' it was a long serving member of the Saxon Empire. From December 2012 to February 2013 it was also in the Confederation of St. Luke and Amager. On May 25, 2013, Dubrovnik founded the Ashukov Federation, along with Akharnes, Dradelia and Montania


State Hood[1]

Dubrovnik abides by the Montevideo Convention to authenticate state hood and only recognizes and conducts diplomatic relations with nations that are regulated by the convention. Dubrovnik claims to be semi-sovereign of South Africa, Croatia and the United Kingdom whilst maintaining its stance in the Ashukov Federation.

According to the Montevideo Convention the state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: (a) a permanent population; (b) a defined territory; (c) government; and (d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.

Founding (July - December 2012)[2]

Dubrovnik was founded under the name Cärrum by Sebastian Schriber on the 26th of July, 2012. After discussions with the Emperor of the Saxon Empire, the government of Cärrum decided to give up their sovereignty and join the Saxons. Cärrum was known to be quite blunt and lead the Saxon Empire to war and was an extremely proud nation. The Saxon Empire soon fell inactive and the government decided that it was time to leave the Saxon Empire for good. Usually the old nation anthem and German march song 'Alte Kameraden' is played in memory of the Saxon Empire days at government gatherings.

Amatine Confederation (December - February 2013)

After a long spell of instability and in activeness the government came across a growing community known as the Confederation of St. Luke and Amager. The government needed a higher entity to rely to keep stable and active in and so on the 2nd of December, Cärrum applied to join Amager around the same time as Akharnes. Amager looked ideal to the outside but inside it was clear that the political morass of different opinions did not go well. Many people clashed and argued and the state was falling. Once again, the government decided to leave after it disagreed with many laws that were being passed in Amager. On February 2013 the government declared full independence from Amager and went through another time of being unstable. The time in Amager is usually referred to as the golden years and it is noted that after Dubrovnik's time in the Confederation the government became much more liberal.

Soon after Dubrovnik, on April 6th 2013, Doshevika declaring independence meant the end for Amager. Too many nations were leaving and it was clear that the once glorious Confederation was failing and at the end of its time. The Federal Assembly disbanded the Confederation of St. Luke and Amager on the same day.


Dorien operates a unicameral Parliamentary republican legislature. The body of power is the People's House of Patrice Lumumba, named after the Congolese independence leader. The Prime Minister, Sebastian Schriber, holds a service of 5 years and is elected on the 16th of March. The Prime Minister can appoint ministers such as the Minister of the Treasury and the head of government is the Chancellor. Dorien is considered as a democratic state.


Emblem Name Ideology Leader
[3] Earth Party Democratic Socialism, Green Sebastian Schriber
[4] National Front Nationalism, Patriotism Not yet filled


Ile Aux ChochonsEdit

Ile Aux Chochons or 'Pig Island' is a Sub Antarctic, uninhabited, island in the Corzet Archipelago located far off the coast of South Africa. A boat journey is planned there but is not yet confirmed to plant the flag. It is part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands. Temperatures are generally low as you would expect from a Sub Antarctic island. Dorien disputes the claim of France and regards it as unclaimed territory apart from itself.

Nav'ro CityEdit

Nav'ro City, or literally Republic (Nation) city is the legislative capital of Dubrovnik located in Cape Town, South Africa. Temperatures are generally hot and most of the population reside there. It is also where the President, currently Sebastian Schriber, lives at the Embassy to South Africa.


Located in south west England and open to wild weather patterns, Kostenburg is the administrative capital of Dubrovnik. The oldest city in Dubrovnik, the city was established under Amatine rule, before that known as Seitweg. At Kostenburg is the military headquarters and the the embassy to the United Kingdom. Kostenburg is the most dense populated of the three territories and is considered the 'main' territory of Dubrovnik.

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