Duchy de Galice

Virtutis in Deiu
Official religion(s) Christian Unaffiliated
Short name Galice
Demonym Lyonian
Government Monarchy
- Prince HRH Lothian I
- Duke HG Holden Halso
Legislature none
- Number of seats - 9
- Last election - Right of Ascension
Established July 2012
Population 51
Currency Lyon
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
National sport Joust
National animal Banker Horse
Patron saint John the Baptist

The Duchy de Galice (pronounced= gah-lees) was established on January 1, 2012 as one of the 9 Royal Tribes protected under the Principality of Lyonesse.

Royal Tribe of GaliceEdit

The Royal Tribe of Galice is headed by its Seneschal, HG Kim Holden Halso.  HG Holden became the 2nd Duke of Galice when his father, HSH Duke Rudy Vallee Halso, past away in December 2008.  HG Duke Holden has issue in three children, his son Lord Densmore, Earl of Cantar, followed by his two daughters Lady Shannon and Lady Shea. HG Holden is also the older brother of HRH Tammy, Princess of Lyonesse.

Dukedom of GaliceEdit

The Duchy de Galice is the second largest Duchy within Lyonesse in acreage and granted lands.  Its boundaries are contained within the Cypress Creek and Maready areas of Duplin and Pender Counties in North Carolina.

Halso FamilyEdit

Originally three brothers came into the American continent in the early 1700's arriving from England via their homelands in Sweden.  The name has had various spellings, usually depending on the census takers interpretation of how it was said to them, Halsa, Also, Halsae, Halso, Halsow. 

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