Duchy de Pomperol

"This is an example!"
National Anthem of Example
Southeastern United States
Capital city New Hill
Largest city Raleigh, North Carolina
Official language(s) English and Lyonian
Official religion(s) Christian Secular
Demonym Lyonian
Government Matriarchal Monarchy
- Prince of Lyonesse Lothian I, Prince of Lyonesse
- Duchess HSH Jacqueline, Duchess of Pomperol
Legislature Royal Court
Population 91
Currency Lyon
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
National drink Cognac
National animal Banker Horse
Patron saint Saint Joseph

Duchy de Pomperol is a "matriarchal monarchy" established with the Principality of Lyonesse to show honor to the female line of this great Tribe. Pomperol has remained strong in its existence because of the strong will of its women and their matriarchal line of ascension through Noble and Royal Houses of Wales, Ireland and Brittany.

HSH Jacqueline, Duchess of Pomperol

Born Dorothy Jacqueline Mills ap Tewdwr in 1937 and of the House of Tewdwr, HSH Jacqueline was granted ascension by the Lyonian Armorial Court as its Heiress Apparent (unofficially) in 1979 by her grandmother, HSH Mary Eva Tudor. Her Serene Highness was officially recognized by the Royal Court of Lyonesse upon the ascension of her son, HRH Lothian I as the Prince of Lyonesse in 2012. Pomperol is a matriarchal Title and is passed down along the female line of the Tewdwr Family since its inception. HRH Jacqueline has proclaimed Lady June Leigh Smith Bowles as her Heiress Apparent. Lady June is the niece of HRH Jacqueline and cousin to HRH Lothian I, Prince of Lyonesse.


Pomperol is of Lyonian etymology being of the Principality of Lyonesse and the ancient Elder Isles thereof.


The history surrounding Pomperol is that which exist for the Principality of Lyonesse.

Government & Politics

The government of Pomperol is a part of the whole of the Lyonesse Royal Court, having one (1) within its Chamber. Pomperol is one of the nine Royal Tribes of Lyonesse.

Foreign Relations

Foreign relations within Pomperol are determined by the Lyonesse Lord Minister of Foreign Affairs, HG George Duke of Ys.


One Cohort of the Gules Lyon from the Lyonesse Red Guard protect HSH Jacqueline and those within her lands and property.

Geography & Climate

The geography is of North Carolina "Piedmont Plain" in the Raleigh Wake County area.


The economy of Pomperol is based upon the Principality of Lyonesse in whole and its GNP.


Strong Christian secular beliefs run through these lands defining the typical southern culture known in America's Southeastern Region and States.


Controlled by the Principality of Lyonesse government.

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