Duchy of Albemarle

"Honor above all things"
Capital city Albemarle
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christian, unaffiliated
Short name Albemarle
Demonym Lyonian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Duke Truman
- Prince Lothian 1
Legislature Royal Court
- Number of seats - 9
- Last election - Right of Ascension
Area claimed TBA
Population 12
Currency Lyon
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
National sport Flounder Gigging
National dish Oyster
National drink Sweet Tea
National animal White Tail Deer
Patron saint Saint John the Baptist

Formerly the Kingdom of Albemarle was created on March 15, 2013 as a  Monarchy. It's situated just south of the Virginia-North Carolina border near the Great Dismal Swamp.


In 1995, the original Bertie Family holdings in Nags Head, North Carolina were sold off and land situated just north of Jordan Island, North Carolina was acquired for HM King Michael and Queen Willamita and their son, Michael Truman Bertie.  In 1997, King Michael proclaimed Albemarle's independence.  He ruled most graciously until his passing in late 2005 when, Queen Willamita was named Regent of Albemarle until the Heir Apparent came of age. On September 24, 2012,  HM King Truman I was coronated King of Albemarle.

The Kingdom of Albemarle became the Duchy of Albemarle on June 3, 2013 after negociations with HRH Prince Lothian of Lyonesse accepted the Kingdom under the Commonwealth Nations within the Principality of Lyonesse


The Duchy of Albemarle is a Monarchy, with its Head of State being HG Duke Truman I.  Albemarle reports to the Royal Council of Lyonesse and HRH Lothian I, Prince of Lyonesse.


The Duchy of Albemarle is a fundamental Christian unaffiliated society of people.  Christianity is the official religion of Albemarle but, other religions are permitted as a part of the "freedom of religion" principles, as long as those religions do not conflict with official Religion of Albemarle.

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