Duchy of Eichenberg

Für Gott und die Herzog
(For God and The Duke)
Der Hohenfriedberger
Capital city Oakbury
Official language(s) English, German
Demonym Eichenberger
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Duke Wilhelm II
Legislature Grand Council
- Type - Advisory
Established 6 March 2015
Area claimed 0.00024 km2
Population 2
National animal White Pelican

The Duchy of Eichenberg (Eichenburg, Eichenbourg) is an unrecognized self-proclaimed sovereign state (or micronation) founded by Daniel “Bufflez” Meyer, and headquartered from his his home in the United States. Eichenberg consists entirely of Daniel’s home, and is enclaved by the United States.

The nation was formed on 6 March 2015 after inspiration from other micronations such as Molossia, Sealand, and Lovely, and an attempt to create fake propaganda posters. The idea of Eichenberg has been around since 2012, but acted under the name “Oakbury” for most of that time.

History Edit

The Duchy of Eichenberg was founded on 2012 by Daniel Meyer (later styled as “HRH Wilhelm II, Duke of Eichenberg and Count of Oakbury”). It began as a virtual community, located within a Roleplaying server in the popular game GMod. The neighborhood was gated, with four homes and six members. At that time, the community was called Oakbury, a name which was later applied to other nations created by Daniel.

The second major form of Eichenberg was it as a nation in Kaizen. The nation was still named Oakbury at this time, but the project was later halted.

On 6 March 2015, while looking for inspiration for a fake Propaganda poster, the idea of Eichenberg was born. The name consists of the German word for Oak (Eichen) and Castle (Burg). The nation is a located in the United States, and is landlocked. The nation has not been officially declared independent, as it is still in the process of constructing it’s government.

Government and Politics Edit

The Duchy of Eichenberg is an absolute monarchy, being ruled by Wilhelm II. It is a class society, with noble titles that can be bestowed onto others at the pleasure of the currently reigning Duke. The titles in order of importance are Duke, Count, Baron, and Prince. On top of hereditary titles, there are also two major chivalric orders; the Order of the White Eagle and the Order of Wilhelm’s Knights.

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