Duchy of Horský Park (en.) Vojvodstvo Horského Parku (svk.)
New HorskyNovy znak

"Pax Vincit" [Peace Prevails]
Capital city Horský Park
Largest city Horský Park
Official language(s) Slovak
Official religion(s) Roman Catholic
Short name Horský Park
Demonym Horsko-Parkský
Government Federal Semi-Costitutional Monarchy
- Duke Krištof 1.
- Prime Minister Maximilián Mravčák
Established 1.1.2015
Area claimed 0,934 km²
Population 3 Registered Citizens
Currency Zlatka,Euro
Time zone CET
National sport None
National dish Pancakes
National drink Water
National animal Domesticated cat
Patron saint St.Christopher
Internet Domain .hp (proposed)

The Duchy of Horský Park or Horský Park is landlocked country within Bratislava ,Slovakia. Country is divided into 7 cantons which are autonomous. 


Duchy of Horský Park was founded on 1.1.2015 in Bratislava's District I by Duke Krištof 1. (Krištof Fondrk). From 1.1.2015 - 6.1.2015 the duchy was Absolute Unitary Monarchy. Then in 6.1.2015 Maximilián Mravčák joined the country and became the Prime Minister, thus making country into Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy and in 8.1.2015 Slavomír Fondrk became Minister of Culture. On 7.3.2015 Duke founded the United States of Enclave; a Micronational union uniting enclaved Micronations and enclaves of Macronations.And on 17.3.2015 three colonies were set up: Colony of Tupai, Colony of Louisa Reef, Colony of Thurston Island. From 2.4.2015 Duchy of Horský Park will be housing Provisional Government and Government in Exile of Prakovce until it becomes the legitimate government of Prakovce. On 24.4.2015 Ivan D. Greguš accepted Duke's offer and became the Ambassador for Horský Park in Slovakia. Also on that day Duke of Horský Park changed the government to Fedral Semi-Constitutional Monarchy, he gave simle reason: "'Dux Vult" [Duke wants it.] On 23.5.2015 flag and motto were changed to: "Pax Vincit" [Peace Prevails].


Horský Park consists of urban areas and forest. There is only one river named "River of Freedom" flowing through Federal Canton of Horský Park.

Also Duchy of Horský Park maintains three colonies:

  • Colony of Tupai
  • Colony of Louisa Reef
  • Colony of Thurston island

For flags of Colonies go to : Vexillology of Horský Park


Duchy of Horský Park is lacking a proper constitution but the government is currently working to make one.

Horský Park is democratic country where  Prime Minister is appointed by the result of the elections and ministers are appointed by Duke himself.

Creation and establishment of communist party is illegal.

Anyone has right to create a political party.

Referendums take place once in year. Any citizen has right to make referendum. Referendum can change laws but can't change constitution.

There is only one political party: Party for Horský Park (Strana pre Horský Park)
Party for Horský Park
Party for Horský Park
Chairperson Maximilián Mravčák
Founded 1.1.2015
Official colours Green


Horský Park doesn't have armed forces. But once in two years 50 citizes which are fit for military service (15-49) preform basic military training for 9 weeks. In case of mobilization all citizens fit for millitary service are mobilized and armed for conflict. Also Duchy of Horský Park maintains one platoon that isn't armed but serves as Duke's guard.

Hero of Duchy of Horský Park


Foreign Relations of Horský Park


In Dark Green are Recognized countries, in light green are recognized countries under diiferent authority and in red are unrecognized countries

Duchy of Horský Park recognizes:
  • All UN Memers (exeptions below)
    • ​Vatican
    • Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
    • Republic of Kosovo
    • South vietnam
      South Vietnam
    • Nagorno-Karabakh
  • ​Recognized Countries under different authority​
    • Second spanish republic
      Spanish Third Republic
    • Taiwan
      Republic of China
    • Rhodesia.svg
    • Iran
      Imperial State of Persia
    • Syria
      Syrian Republic
    • Belarus
      Republic of Belarus
  • ​Unrecognized Countries​
    • ​Cuba
    • North Korea
    • North Vietnam
    • Laos
    • Eritrea

Recognized Micronations:

Also Horský Park is founding member of United States of Enclave.

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