Duchy of Lockyer

85px-Coat of arms of Saxony.svg

"Bountiful landet shutzenswert"

Anthem'Flag of Independence'

R3300-1 Gatton Lockyer Bris Val Star Map
Official Language(s) German, English
Official religion(s) Protestant, Secular
Demonym Lockyern
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Duke Nicholas II
- Court Minister Tyler Pitts
Legislature Court-Ministry

First Duchy- 3/11/1984

Second Duchy- 11/5/2004

Area Claimed 3000 km
Population 4670
Currency Australasian Mark
Time Zone (AEST-30)

The Duchy of Lockyer was founded on 3rd of November, 1982 by German immigrants from the descendants from the house of Saxe-Wiemar. Even though the micronation declared sovereignty in 1984, the first duchy collapsed after the death of Nicholas I (1997) and people continued their life as Australian citizens. Finally, 7 years later, the 24 year old son of Nicholas I, Nicholas Keimbourge, declared himself duke of the Lockyer Valley and re-established the nation.

Establishment & First Duchy

The first of the German immigrants from the house of Saxe-Wiemar came to Australia after the fall of the German Empire in world war one and during this rush, Nicholas I's relatives came to Australian and settled in the lockyer valley (circa 1922). Nicholas I was born shortly after this time in 1931. Eventually by 1975, the house of saxe-wiemar was almost extinct in Germany. but the house was still around in other countries. In 1982, Nicholas became quite paranoid about the death of Germans in Australian and his royal house. And finally in 1984, he declared himself Duke Nicholas of Lockyer and sent a message to the Lockyer government declaring the Lockyer Valley his and his followers territory. This was considered a practical joke by the Lockyer Valley government (Gatton & Lockyer shire at the time) and not taken seriously. Even though this was a step back for the new duke, he continued the duchy on a regular basis, until April 3rd, 1986, he created the Court-Ministry, the position of Court Minister and a constitution. After the creation of the Court Minister the power of the Duke began to fade after one year in full power. The first court minister was the knighted Sir Abel Rhinehart, a member of the house of Burgundy.

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