Duchy of Miklor
(State of Unironia)
Duchy of Polkburg flag[[File:Polkburg Ducal Coat of Arms|150px|border]]

Polkburg Map
Official religion(s) Roman Catholicism
Short name Polkburg
Demonym Polkburger
Government Duchy (Absolute Monarchy)
- Duke William I
as a independent state: August 2011
as a state of Unironia: June 2012

Mikor officially the Duchy of Miklor is a Insular State of the Unironic Empire originally founded as the Polkburg Unironic Socialist Republic in 2011. in its inception it was a reationary state, and because of this it eventually led to the demise of the entire Unironic People`s Republic which occured because of the event baring the name of Polkburg,the Polkburg Dissolution had a remarkable affect on Unironia, and is a definitive reason for how Unironia is today


Miklor is ruled over by the Duke of Miklor a position that is currently occupied by William MacLean of the House of MacLean and, is the third Duke not of the Noble Family of Polkburg. he was preceded by Nathan McNamara of the House of McNamara


  • City of Miklor
  • Village of Jamestown
  • Borough of Polkburg Forest