Duchy of Nuts
(Region of Harenfall)

"habemus Deum"
Official religion(s) Protestant Christianity
- Duke (none currently)
Established December 3rd 2014
Population 2

 The Duchy of Nuts or Hertugdømmet Notenborg (NO). The duchy is a region within the kingdom of Harenfall, established december the third 2014. There is currently no duke, and in a lords abscence the king is the unofficial duke, until the anonintment of a duke. Altough a duke of Nuts' main title would be "Duke of Nuts" but including the duchy is the subsidiary title "Lord Redwood".

Villages and otherEdit

  • The Redwood (forest) 


The duchy is filled with smaller hills covered with trees, and several rockeries, and minor gorges.

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