Finger you behind a wheely bin.
Little-T Road Rage n' dat.
Capital city Swindon
Largest city Swindon
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Immigrant
Demonym Nob Jockeys
Government Devolved government within constitutional monarchy
- Pope; -Harry Reeve Queen Elizabeth II
Established June 10, 2010 [citation needed]
Area claimed 588.84 sq mi (230.10 km2)
Population 209,700 (claimed) but only 2 (official citizens)
Currency Grass
Time zone GMT

Swindon is a shit hole that claim its territory of the Swindon Borough in southern England. The shit hole is a devolved government within the United Dickhead founded on June 10th 2010 with 209,700 claimed citizens. Mate, we're all inbred, it doesn't matter.

To be honest yeah, we're something to do with Saxons and that; but who fucking cares about dead people? Chill in maccers till we get kicked out, then go into KFC or Nando's or something.

We've got some sick places to get food, like them cheap paki shops selling bare cookies for like 20p, and you can get those mad energy drinks for like 35p.

The Industrial Revolution was responsible for an acceleration of Swindon's growth. It started with the construction of the Wilts and Berks Canal in 1810 and the North Wilts Canal in 1819. The canals brought trade to the area and Swindon's population started to grow.


Kingdom of Swindon consists of 3 administrative regions: Swindon, Highworth and Liddington. This is a list of settlements within the micronation:


Regions of Swindon

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