Duchy of Thorsborg (EN)

Hertugdømmet av Thorsborg (NO)
Ducatum de Thorsborgiæ (LAT)

(duchy of Harenfall)

"fortitudo et Deus"
"Courage and god"
Capital city Sverreborg
Official language(s) Norwegian
Official religion(s) Protestant Christian
Demonym Thorsburger
- Duke Jeffrey MacLean
Currency Norwegian Crown (unofficial)

 The Duchy of Thorsborg is a dukedom within the Kingdom of Harenfall , that was founded the 26th september 2013, at the same time as the foundation of the kingdom.


The Duchy was founded the 26th september, as a subsidiary title to the title "King of Harenfall". The duchy is uninhabited, but was visited by the King 7 days after the founding of the Kingdom. The duchy was visited again in April, and in July, when the king, and 3 others stayed the night on the island in a tent. The duchy was last visited at august the 25th. 

Arms and titles

The arms show a golden vessel upon a cyan backround, and 3 crowns on a red cheif. The additional title, "Shield of the North" was created due to the remoteness of the duchy, even tough it is not the most northern region of Harenfall.

The Duke of Thorsborg has, by aristocratic law, right to style himself/herself as "Duke/Duchess of Thorsborg"

villages and other

  • Sverreborg (capital)
  • Øst-End


Jeffrey I, King of Harenfall

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