Duchy of Whenah

Capital city Sharpsburg
Largest city Rocky Mount
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christian Baptist
Short name Whenah
Demonym Lyonian
Government Monarchy
- Prince Lothian I
- Duke Samuel I
Legislature Royal Court
- Type - Right of Ascension
- Number of seats - 9
- Last election - none
Established July 2012
Population 14
Currency Lyon
Time zone EST
National sport Joust/Tournament
National drink Cognac
National animal Lion
Patron saint Saint Patrick

Whenah (promounced = win-nauh) derives its name from ancient Lyonian legend.  The Royal House of Whenah headed by the Robinson Family has ruled it for almost a century in exile, being passed down from father to son for generations.  Charles III, born Charles Edward Robinson III was crowned as Duke upon the passing of his father, Charles II, in 1985, and has ruled there since. Whenah, though once a great and powerful Royal Tribe, has fallen in recent years but, has made a come back of sorts, through its acceptance of HRH Lothian I as the true Heir of Lyonesse and aiding in his coronation as Prince of Lyonesse in January 2012.

Duke Charles IIIEdit

HG Charles III, through several marriages has issue of three children.  Their line of ascension has not yet been determined by the Armorial Court as of yet and will not be listed here until that time.  The Royal Tribe of Whenah has been handed down to the most likely candidate by the father for generations whether the issue be male or female in the line of ascension. Escentually, the Tribe of Whenah was the first house to start the male and female line of ascension after the successes in England with both Mary and Elizabeth I as that country's Queens.

On July 20, 2014, HG Charles III, Duke of Whenah passed on. His son and Heir Apparent, Samuel has become the 4th Duke of Whenah during a private ceremony that night at the home of HG Samuel and his family.

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