The Duke of Bourbon
King of France

Reign 18 May 2012
Predecessor Throne Established
Successor Louis XIX
Spouse Marie Louise of France
(m. 1998, div. 2010)
The Duchess of Bourbon
(m. 2012)
Louis XIX
Louis XX of France
The Duke of Artois
The Duke of Anjou
Prince Alex of Bourbon
The Princess Royale
Full name
James Ian Michael
House House of Bourbon
Father The Duke of Bedfordshire
Mother The Duchess of Bedfordshire
Born 24 May 1973 (age 40)
Religion Roman Catholic

The Duke of Bourbon(1973- ) Formerly Louis XVIII of France is the Father of Louis XX of France. He was known at the one day king as was his eldest son Louis XIX. He Abdicated in favour of his eldest son whom also abdicated the following day, it is unclear why they gave up the throne but they left it in good hands with Louis XX of France. In 1998 he married the Queen Mother and they had four sons, The Duke of Province (1993), Louis XX of France (1997), The Duke of Artois (1999) and The Duke of Anjou (2002). In 2010, the couple divorced and in 2012, he married The Duchess of Bourbon in a civil ceremony and now uses his title as the Duchess of Bourbon and has since had two children, Prince Alex of Bourbon and the Princess Royale.

Early Life

The Duke was born in 1973 to the Duke and Duchess of Bedfordshire and had a rather average and normal childhood and upbringing, he attended a Comprehensive high school, got married to the Queen Mother and had children.

Marriage and Divorce

The Duke married the Queen Mother in 1998 and had 4 children. however, this was not a good match and the marriage over the years broke down into chaos including continuous arguments, aggressive behaviour (by the Duchess). And eventually in 2000 the Duchess had an affair that lasted 2 years and was caught in 2002 by her husband, he wanted it lever her, but he didn't until 2009 when he met his future wife and eventually, divorced the Queen Mother and left with their children and re married some years later.

Second Marriage

In 2010 when the Duke was officially divorced he and his fiancée began to plan their wedding. The Ceremony took place at Hylands Palace as a civil ceremony in June 2012 and have been married happily for nearly three years. In 2013 the Duchess gave birth to a son, Prince alex of Bourbon and in 2014 gave birth to the Princess Royale.

His son's Sucsession

In August 2012, the Duke's son created the Micronation called 'The Kingdom of France, and made himself King. As he done this it excluded the duke from the line of succession. However he still caries out many official and important duties, for example signing the unclassified state papers and attends every state occasion.

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