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Dominion of E-town
(A Dominion of Unironia)
Dominion of E-town National Flag
Dominion of E-town Badge

National Anthem

"E-towners March"

Imperial Anthem

"Long Live Unironia"
Capital city Peytona
Official language(s) English, Semul, E-townese
Demonym E-townese, E-towner
Government Dominion
- Sovereign William I
- Governor-General Vacant

E-Town officially the Dominion of E-town is a Dominion of the Unironic Empire located south of Monoea.


In December 2011 member of the Batrani ethnic group settled in the hills south of Monoea. They built a city and named it E-town, it grew extremly fast. They formed a government and called the new state the E-town Freestate they had a Mayor who originally Moerena Kormick. After a few months it became Kalee Starr, She ran the nation as Mayor until June 2012 when the City was officially disestablished. from then on until the fall of her government she ruled as Regent of E-town. The end of self rule was in November 2013 when the Unironic Imperial forces annexed the south without any native opposition. In that action the Republic of Northern E-town that was declared in August 2012 became the Republic of E-town. In May 2014 the Unironic Government declared a new government for E-town, the Kyrosonian State was an attemp at rebranding E-town for the Modern age, it ended up being a failure. After several months of decsion making the Emperor of Unironia made a proclimation that transformed E-town along with Bastria into Dominons of the Empire, which meant that they had certain rights to statehood but not quite as high as states of the Empire.