Earth Union

"Unis Terra (With Single Land)"
Earth Unites
Official language(s) All Earth langauges
Demonym Earthling
Established June 2014
Area claimed 510072000 km
Currency Earth Shelling (WIP)
Internet Domain (proposed) .earth

The Earth Union was founded on June 3rd 2014 by Aryx Doder of The Republic of Maison (Now Star Island) to help restore unity between micronations. It is very similar to the European Union.

Rules For JoiningEdit

  • The nation must be located on real land, on Earth.
  • The nation must not be a dictatorship.
  • The nation must be in at least one EAU group.
  • The nation must be at peace with all nations currently in the union.
  • The nation must not be a violent nation. Ex: Brutal punishments, allows animal abuse, ect.
  • The nation must allow all citizens to have basic human rights such as the freedom of speech and expression. This includes gay marriage.
  • The nation is advised to have some sort of contact with the union besides through wikia.


On June 3rd 2014 the EAU was founded.

Also on June 3rd, Columbian America joined the EAU.

On June 4th Huro-Atlantica joined to EAU.

On June 5th the Cockatiel Empire joined the EAU.


Each nation must participate in at least one of these groups.

Defense GroupEdit

If you are attacked by a nation outside of the union and are in this group, all nations within the union are required to help your nation in the conflict. But, if another country within the union is attacked by a nation outside of the union, you must help defend this nation.

Environmental GroupEdit

This group is required to have all citizens of their nation recycle, and must use the least amount of fossil fuels it can.

Exploration GroupEdit

This group is responsible for finding new things, and exploring. This exploration does not have to be on Earth, it can be in space like The Moon, Mars, etc.


The EAU has a peacekeeping force fuelled by the nations within the union. The peacekeeping force helps countries at war within the union. If countries within the union go to war with each other, they will each be expelled from the union until the war is over and the peacekeeping force will not help either side.


Member States

Flag Nation


A founding member and can only leave if they choose to. Also part of the Defense Group.


Columbian America

A member in the exploration group.



A member in the environmental group.

Cockatiel Empire Flag (2014)

Cockatiel Empire

A member in the environmental group.

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