Echelon Parliament System

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The Echolon Parliament System is a type of Parliamentary legistrature system which is run on a limited democratic system, and instead of having political parties, there are small groups known as Groves. Groves contain one or two types of different distributions of power (e.g. mayors grove, dukes grove). Usually a 'grove' means a 'group of trees', but in this type of parliament it means 'a group of leaders'. The system was designed by Brodikazzard.

The Parliament consists of:

Level in hierarchy Amount of Groves (organised by the Lucreysm way) Example of type of Grove
Top (Grand Grove) 1 Head(s) of State
Minor 7 - 20 Governors
Nano 7 - 20 Counts
Pica 5 - 9 Mayors

The Groves are like political parties yet they only consist of that type of political head/religion. A Grand Grove usually conists of the 'head(s) of state' and this grove is also the main Executive branch of the Government. Minor Groves can also be made of religious movements (fashioned by the government) or through alliances with external and internal governments or businesses.

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