Republic of Ecruvia
Ecruvian Flag
Ecruvian seal
Coat of Arms

Old Novistrana
Capital city Novazona
Official language(s) English and Esperanto
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Ecruvian
Government Constitutional Democratic Republic
- President Nosredneh Kram
Legislature Parliament

Ecruvia, officially the Republic of Ecruvia, is a micronation which was created in in 2007. It is a constitutionally based democratic republic under the leadership of Nosredneh Kram, the Grand Patriarch. The main languages are English and Esperanto; however, the Cabinet of Culture has been officially directed to look into developing a unique Ecruvian language. Ecruvia maintains a social presence.


Ecruvia was formed by Mark Henderson in 2007 after he discovered several existing micronations on the internet. He remembered creating fictional nation states as a hobby. As a young child, Mark and his friend David would play a simplified war game using only notebook paper and pencils. In order to make the game more realistic, they both created fictional countries. Mark printed the letters of America in reverse to create the Republic of Acirema. Both David and Mark created respective flags and maps to these notional nations along with uniforms, equipment, and ranks.


Constitutional Court

Constitutional Court

Ecruvia is a constitutional democratic republic led by an elected president and legislated by a bicameral parliament. Ecruvian laws are upheld by the Constitutional Court, which is the highest court of the republic. The [Ecruvian Constitution] is the main source of Ecruvian jurisprudence. The constitution is a living legal document which can be amended by proper procedure when society demands evolutionary change. Constitutional Court Justices are obliged to follow the common law concept of applying precedent-based law in deciding all cases. Secondary law originates from parliamentary legislation and administrative cabinet level law. There are currently seven cabinets of the government: Cabinet of Information, Cabinet of Tourism; Cabinet of State; Cabinet of Culture; Cabinet of Foreign Affairs; Cabinet of Means; and Cabinet of Defense.


Defense emblem

Ecruvian Cabinet of Defense Seal

The Cabinet of Defense oversees all military activities and functions. The Ecruvian military is comprised of three armed branches: the Army, Navy, and Aero Force. All branches have organizational differences; however, each shares the [Unified Military Rank (UMR)] system.


Hero of Ecruvia Medal 140423

Hero of Ecruvia Medal

On April 23, 2013, The Cabinet of Defense introduced the Hero of Ecruvia Medal (HOEM). The new medal is awarded under the cabinet's authority for extremely valorous military acts and exemplary civilian courage both during war as well as peacetime. The new medal can also be awarded to civilians for outstanding service to the republic.

The Hero of Ecruvia Medal consists of a blue and green ribbon representing the colors of the Republic of Ecruvia flag encased by a gold metal border. A gold eight pointed Ecruvian Star is suspended below.


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  • [2] Ecruvian Constitutuion signed into existence on November 5, 2007
  • [3] The Unified Military Rank system


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